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There is an affectionate person in 《the affectionate person exactly gave love who 》 of such a song exactly gave love who?Why is your everything still so beautiful?Even if what you loved is with cuts and bruises all over, why escape not to live his spoony surroundSincerely with this cultural heritage give for it the sweet speech talk honey the language enchant of woman, and it the bitter hard bitterness abandon the whole love a marry inside of on-line person, rather radicate in in the reality well cherish a person ownly and nearby.Because he not is your moon, Michael Kors Large Sophie CalfHair Satchel blackyou also not is his cloud.

Everybody likes oneself to practice his/her own life habit and way, but not equal to see, this society doesn't know when even preach to manage is all wrong, which come of the truth?Seem building's having a rich car is the truth, really, oneself is the brains that has a great doctrine thinker again, can not also change this society to bring his/her own felling, Michael Kors Large Sophie CalfHair Satchel blackso realisticIs oneself to still live in vain space in fact, this world has already changed, could you not see?

Things of the past such as breeze but go, the Gu grass that remains in the motley city wall, dance with the breeze.The from year to year ups and downs still livings, but can not romantic late lament.

Season inside, allly craved for all Cheng Che to become life film.Genial breezes setting sun, pastoral, Michael Kors Large Sophie CalfHair Satchel blacka thousand mountains and rivers of Mo, world heart, Michael Kors Large Sophie CalfHair Satchel blackplay don't be disgusted with of heart song, tell the feeling that don't finish to think.When the breeze rises, hear the breeze being breathing.Bring the breathing of the afar and the flavor of the countryside, what to fill the air is if have if the chrysanthemum had no of fresh and cool.So, who will you think of?Have so a person the such time of pure and transparent soul is at you the appearance of warm memory?Have no piano, may also play the passing years.Time, imitating a Buddha to hold still the time that inebriates a person is here.Or the smoke float to concuss between each branch and feel that the soul is also afloat wearing, between each branch, in the breeze, the low eyebrow is shallow to sing.In addition to window, the tree copies place, Michael Kors Large Sophie CalfHair Satchel blackwho does the feeling An absolute being harm in that breeze Xu?In the breeze who can depend on?Ten thousand carry a heart song to have no place to tell.Under the night sky, let the at heart float a just some little cool idea.Is just suddenly surprised to feel, the not not tightly slow years inside is already a moonlit night breeze flower.

Do you fear to touch to touch my gentleness whether I really own nothing at all and stretch out a hand?Whether I even if a have no beg, you avoid being seen to that door of back?Whether 1 turns round, can not return to Mou?Give me a not sad reason!Whether I have already become the wound that you fear, that I will stay back and stay back again, a person walks ……

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