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Person this lifetime can hardly let go of in the past, I tried a lot of time, had been all being banding together to hesitate. This time, I is since pen name, since blog of. I don't know what the meaning that do like this is, just wants to forget some matters that don't want. If is previous, I promises a choice to go out distant journey or goes to the unfamiliar place to go to work, think all nearby is a stranger will be a little bit pleasurable, or in the unfamiliar place, probably will forget a lot of matters.All just discover afterwards, originally current social intercourse platform not at nearby, but on the network.So, I forget to pass by since network this time. This is a very difficult process, for I an a fondness for writing to say, wrote on the previous blog a lot of, say to let go of to still is really a difficult matter.Seem oneself devotes to make greatest efforts to bring up of a kid, finally want to give up him similar, can always feel heart at drop pain with similar blood. However, if is previous while falling into infinite logjam or pain and sufferings, if the life can not solve, rather clear cut the general, entirely put calculate, the pain is also painful happy, pain of sprinkle Li. Probably I am a heartless person such as what friend says, or is a person whom the solitude comes home, my world, sometimes only have my a person. So-called responsibility, natural affection, love, these ideas like family,etcs are baffling of too long, I the meeting entirely let go of.Because I connect my own lives all lead not good, return how go to and discuss those emperors but hall it of affair? Probably a lot of persons all say to is a man, be live for other people consider, being a loving person but.In fact these words I just discover, purely talk idly now.If you live well, you have ability to is responsible for for circumferential person, you will say like this as well as do like this.If your life as it does also but confusion unbearable, promise that the owners will choose evade or from attend to. So, today of I no longer consider that who I am isn't considering I why but live, I just want to pursue the life that I look forward to. A person, a shoulder bag, a book, a bamboo flageolet, a list is anti-, a ticket, an one-way street.Ninth loiterer 2014.12.8Gather difficult don't as well difficult

The life goes to the movie at the movie theater for the first time be with you together, we saw the department " the old boy's fierce Long Guo Jiang" making to smile and asking for the film that the person thinks deeply.After remembering to finish seeing, you delivered to say in the space:A party, a movie, there is also a person.This is a the romantic friendship is than the love and have you at.Really be subjected to a touch very much!Still have, Michael Kors Large Sophie Satchel NAVYride for the first time bicycle with you the slipping away of full Xiao county reach, although that sunlight is very hot,this impedes not our happiness.

The person is in the affected different affair every day, can get different realization from the different affair, while comprehending these people and affair, we have toThe academic association does the cream cheese& rdquo of oneself;Such asLife& rdquo;Is one worth we cherish and be every failure on me condescend to come, I tell oneself to fail not calculate what, because the failure is the place that I should over, while overing these reason, the failure is what person has to experience, the failure can not calculate isn't a good matter, successfully can not calculate into a good matter, either, because of only the persisting of oneself is the most successful.Whether if you are a scholar or a general person or not, if while succeeding and failing give up so you are finally a failed but isn't a strong, soWe also want to learn the cream cheese of doing the oneself while looking for cream cheese.The person has a lot of of time should learn to give up and cherish, but firstGive upOf the person and affair can be what you already not at want to own, butCherishIs that you feel specially worth and precious person and affair, usually is more and preciously usually more easy and lost under the a lot of condition.Ever at had very long time I had been aming considering a problem like this, why did I choose a network?Being probably lonesome is probably empty, probably is boring, no matter what kind of it is the choice network in mood?I should be true real understanding network& ldquo;The network is a good platform, you should are correct to know it.When this is a certain diary that I write on a certain website that friend speaks a topic like this to me, probably at that time because the net loves.I remember net at that time loves a beginning just soon, everyone loves topics like this to the net all pretty interested in of, can see every day much more numerous friends send outDo you believe that the net loves?Article topic like this, but contents I hardly went in to once see, because I am loving in the net at that time, in fact I am also very self-contradict, would not° until now knowThe net lovesFeelings like this in fact and reality true differentiation very big, if cautiously want to at the beginning in fact is also a kind of predestination with that meeting by chance of girl, now already for the past one years several times are that I can not forget her figure up to now, her shadow often presents in my brain, The Cang shipwreck once was a water& rdquo;The words like this have been presenting in my brain, I feel the depravity ever isn't very rational kind of performance and was me because when the affair on the work and parents quarreled I felt isn't so rational, probably I was to want to find out too muchBelong to the cream cheese of oneself.Although I own a cake of to belong toMy cream cheese.But I feel this piece& ldquo;Cream cheese& rdquo;Probably and originally don't belong to mine, but I just understand regardless now what kind ofCream cheese& rdquo;Should cherish, lose a cake ofCream cheese& rdquo;Equal to struggle one more, in fact struggle one more don't necessarily isn't a good matter, struggle one more is also manyLook for a cream cheese& rdquo;ButLook for a new cream cheese& rdquo;Can also increase more feeling Wu for oneself, at feeling Wu these affair of at the same time I always atMake great effort to learn the cream cheese of doing the oneself.

Along big cloud mountain right path but descend, according to mountain and then set up of several-storied building, Gao the height is low, wrong fall to.In the morning descend mountain, often run into men and women who be dressed in the pajama, take each color toilet or spittoon in the hand, the in a hurry to leave ground is busy what.Fill the air only in the air would have in the village countryside of smell, heavy but don't lose living essence.This takes, remember to have specially good to listen name-peach blossom Wu, because didn't find out too many peach blossoms in the neighborhood, have been feeling suspicious very much to why call so good to listen name.

Week ten thousand agreeable of son wheat dog, drive week ten thousand agreeableForce to walkEmpress, arrived at boundless big northeast, have no one to turn to, once was flooded by the strong wind to cover up in the desert while passing by Inner Mongolia, waited he to wake up, the ear inside, eyes inside and nose all of the insides were sand grains, he was painful, he battle cry, his despair, even thoughted of dead.But for the sake of the existence, for leading up happy life, he again back rise that ragged package inside several only pair the glasses that treat to promote, walk street string lane call sell, until doing to have to belong to afterwards is ownThe sunglasses city& rdquo;.Since the childhood rain and wheat dog body up, embodiment of is that kind of unwilling humiliate, unwilling fall behind, unwilling failure of the toughness is resolute and courageous with stubborn struggled spirit.The person has no and just doesn't sign and had no ambition hard achievement big industry, everybody ever didn't need that kind of determination stubborn spirit?The stubborn and struggling spirit is the basic quality that achieves business.

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