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Slowly grow up, heart also at gradually variety, until at present, 22-year-old age, probably don't seem to be maturity, but a lot of things, gradually feel more and more and profoundly.

The spring breeze concussed how many, then smug.Don't exert a continuous building wood to be like a mountain.We are in the divagation, we are aring fond of Mang.Gradually forgot a home town, home town?Who still remember its direction.On that high mountain, countless people are downward looking about, ah, I how make a choice, might it not be and finally want to perseveringly climb, Michael Kors Large Weston Pebbled Shoulder Bag MIDNIGHTlet to is all cold frost all over the body.Shrink at the sight of it, I have already accustomed to.I am resembling to tend a line in the Huang, saw beautiful facial appearance, imitated Buddha blossom similar, I to her smile Chi fan, make me forget tired.She but leave a figure, my heart is full of disappointed, far go far go, leave diffused crowd.I am in the sorrow soundly asleep, the Ji cold mountain breeze blew a pain my back, I Quan song wear ferocious heart of shape, allow who can not also see me as formely.That girl was full of innocent imagination, she was speaking her story to me, pure and miserable.I struggle an exhausted look in the eyes to listen to and discover that her eyes are watery.I think an another affair, but sing with the her hand Wan hand, there is no the melody of coda, have been being flowing to drip, drip in mind, drip tears light.That dish moon far away hangs in the sky, under the shabby foot of a hill Tu Yin Hui, I want to continue to wander about.I seemed to arrive middle point and dwelt for rest many distressed griefs there, I tooked a look to feel confused, I want that rounding is past to is ex- to go, but is held up a direction, I the momentary language fills to hate bitterly past of former.I keep in mind the mood Wan of cajolery to have the hand of the other party, insensibly is accustomed to kissing a face such as the hair of the breeze, Michael Kors Large Weston Pebbled Shoulder Bag MIDNIGHTI imitate a Buddha and returned to a home town.The east breeze brought about Huang Sha boundless, I looking at Shang in the flowing of ice lake, ear one song again the song is singing, I had the dancing partner to go together, and we wander about together....Lonely summit of hill still keeps making me disappointed.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714255/Person in Shaanxi of Shan-li

The noodles like this often also matches some leaves of seasonal delicacy small vegetableses, garden pea point, mung bean sprout etc..Then make the thin ground chopped onion ascending severals again, parsley Sa.

A person's birth, you can say with smile his growth of, you can analyze to figure out his future, but plus facing of yesterday for the sake of own instinct, judgment cover today, walk to ownly smile, smile to ownly say, speak own voice, every day total amount oneself's words, speak different comprehension every day, you are you, flying of in a dream, think a medium change, other people of read to didn't your judgment quick, the other people's guess doesn't have your analysis quick, your speed, the one and only, your growth, not an equal in the world, your correction, the world contains a rainbow.

The winter days world of mortals dream doesn't come to, there is breeze hasing rain to contain snow voice.In the morning, have a reunion with morning glow, mutually hope to have no language Ning feeling to weigh.Evening, and lonely only lean on, silent have no the voice recall~to the mind life.Wear

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