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In my impression, the chrysanthemum is the symbol that didn't contend for with a life time, the pottery Yuan only loves chrysanthemum clearly, between the officialdom and the pastoral on the prowl uncertain, finally insist oneself love, live the ideal life of "adopt the southeast of the chrysanthemum bottom, naturally see southern mountain"."Is resistant to cold only east hedge chrysanthemum, the beginning of gold Su opens Xiao more pure", white's residing easily also is to sing to the chrysanthemum, "be not is partial to chrysanthemum in the flower, this flower blossoms to the utmost and more have no flower."It is thus clear that the dollar Zhen is also entirely different to chrysanthemum to appreciate.But their chrysanthemums and wild chrysanthemum have a dissimilarity, the wild chrysanthemum is to lean against the space that own life dint and plant battle out a growth to deliver own fragrant, but for withered Ji of green put on color, not chrysanthemum in the house is with concentrated effort looked after by person so.An eye hopes to go, the wild chrysanthemum of that tuft Cu is escorted a cake of, this hilltop one, that hilltop one, the road both sides bloomed Huang everywhere and poured to a little bit be like Chinese race big miscellaneous reside, small gather to reside of characteristics, at telling China children have to forever solidify together of asseveration.Have never observed wild chrysanthemum before is became Cu like this of embraced together a growth, probably was the way of its growth, don't leave not to leave.The wild chrysanthemum is disconsolately blooming in autumn, not contend for strange Dou in spring with all flowers gorgeous, also not contend for proud character in winter with plum flower.Just mildly silent bloom in the mountain, have no gardener of with meticulous care good care, also didn't love a flower with concentrated effort and mutually to fondle, just complete the mission that oneself blooms, morally upright of gentleman, not is fame and wealth, not is wealth and properties, the mission and value that exist for oneself.I ain't produced an esteem to the wild chrysanthemum by ground, quietly hope before fixing attention on continuously Shan Huang now, I want to stretch hand to touch, in the hand but just the breeze once rowed, oneself leaves wild chrysanthemum more and more far.

The late autumn subtle fragrance hasn't completely kept off, the breathing of winter the F is silently close by.First sun rays in the morning, ash in the sky receives of, it is cloud, is fog to can not remember clearly, still haze, already the Xi is empty to used to see of people, in a hurry starts a day of life again.Though the algidity is pressing,the day still have to with each passing day lead, Michael Kors Medium Bedford Tassle Convertible Shoulder Bag MANDpeople still keep being laughing heartily with pain and sufferings, gather together and leave, long for and forget and exist in reality and imagination, for getting oneself thinks of, want of, dream of go to busy, pursue, probably this is the real life. Therefore, the cold idea of winter the slightest don't influence enthusiasm of Peking Man, is no matter a street side, website, market and tourist spot, everywhere it is thus clear that of is still the smiling face and zeal of Northerner.

We rush to run about on the road of youth and fall down to start to climb, someone brokes off our ideal, our global view, then pain and sufferings heart-broken of we start wiping to do tears, again connect again fierce.Don't give up, don't regret, because is young of we have been having proud capital, so not afraid failure, not afraid tears, the years that fears that those should make open drive being ungrateful to of oneself's cruelty. Ever of I was infinite to imagine future day and life, I fantasized I of freedom, can be the affair that oneself wants to do, kite was like to put to fly, be like to come out of bird.But …… much time, I am just thinking, the person is on the hoof, actually for the sake of what, the meaning of life again lie in where.If only for arriving at this in this world to mix living of mentally dense Dun one a life time, so on the hoof and died and have what differentiation?Once listen to many people once say such a words, on the hoof even more difficult than dying, the dead is a simple affair, on the hoof but need larger courage.Isn't so?We are very poor of arrive at this in this world, will definitely also very poor of leave, in the center superficial how many decades, what is meant by meaningful, what is meant by nonsense?Is positive like this non- good and evil, all have one pole steelyard in our heart, life of whether value also needs the other people assess? We why usually live in the other people's words inside, but forgot oneself to arrive at this in this world originally be have no negative tired?Did the environment in the day after tomorrow accomplish us to still keep demolishing us?Outside should be the dynasty sun of the one glitter, but oneself concealed body in dark, true if attend to city say, the dark night gave me the black eyes, but I look for with it bright? Not, Michael Kors Medium Bedford Tassle Convertible Shoulder Bag MANDthe life is in this beautiful world of we originally for the meaningless accolade's bright star sky, even if should also bravely embrace each other moonlight in the night, could not shine on in the moonlight of the cloudiness don't also stir up a hope of seed?The life gives our in addition to is brilliant, by all means still have behavior not to know.It such as art object similar, regardless its length, all at life of show to belong to its marvellous meaning in the process, this life of mine probably just for the sake of an itinerary, probably just for the sake of a scenery, probably just for the sake of a love, but probably this is the vital great meaning place. The ice heart once said:Being not each Yangtze River can flow into ocean, isn't each seed to sproutlace, in the life not is happy forever, also not is painful forever, the happiness is as complement each other as pain and sufferings.Yes, the blessing disaster mutually depends on and enjoy a pain mutually with, probably living even more difficult than dying, the dead is to the whole life set free, have no pain to also have no love, but living to make more courage and judgments face more ruthlessness reality, wilder rains and winds.Which fear some funk, hesitate at 1:00, then and easily lose first oneself.At this time of we probably cry bitterly, the probably sad desire is unique, probably in low spirits, but unique can make sure of BE, we have never been ungrateful to that is of struggle of years. The fish is livinged to water, die in water;The grass is livinged to soil, die in soil;The life dies in a way at the way.Probably we have never known each other the meaning of life where, but that is of no account, no one will be on the hoof forever, there is no thing can through long, as long as at from cradle to grave of this is on the spot on the hoof apart from the true reality, have never been ungrateful to oneself for the sake of that years, already foot Yi!The shallow winter is shallow to recall~to the min, lightly dance the passing years

Respect mother set& rdquo;According to mountain alongside water, take a distant view sea surface wave to only ripple, the silver only orders flickering.Take a stroll the seaside, Michael Kors Medium Bedford Tassle Convertible Shoulder Bag MANDthe sandy beach is continuing, the light breeze is blow gently, the barefoot plank tramples on the fine sand, and the felling of Mo Suo makes public great and leaves footprint a string of string.Someone talks, if at the sandy beach like this, the seaside like this holds lover to visit, will be don't some kind of lingering charm.Respect mother set& rdquo;Side opposite, one& ldquo;Sleeping Beauty& rdquo;The mountain presents visitor's in front, the body of mountain is a very much resembling beauty that is even to lie to bathe hair, its a head of lax show hair dip into sea surface, that charming jade milk, show the female's greatness.

When you are placed in predicament China Times, don't lose confidence to the oneself no matter in any crisis of circumstance.When you live alone other place, have to feel standing alone and have the beauty that feel the other place, the magic power of other place, the other place lets the place that people fly.The other place needs you to use intelligence and permits with the friendly side, tactful of tone and others association, only have so you the time in the other place body place predicament would someone help you.This good person in the world is still a lot of of, good person should be use to sincerely face living.Only sincerely can make us feel this world is fine but again colorful.When you walked on the unfamiliar road for the first time, whether will see the scenery of the road top daintiness?Will visit each corner of appreciating the city?Will let this city be full of the decision of challenge to you?If all of above answers are meetings, you should be the person who will live, will live of the person is each corner that can't pass beautiful scenery of life road as well as pass a city, so you just can be better to understand this city.Fancy this city, better challenge to combine to exist down in this city.

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