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61, the most faraway distance not is to living and die, but examines quickly in the world the other people are reviewing their themselveses but in the dry run.

Always, I also like to write some casual literary notes, the fellings all set out from the true life, record nearby of affair, therefore I also compare like better prose light Yi, scattered, unrestrained, even if is sad pain and sufferings can always deduce never-failing pleasant impression as well in the prose, Michael Kors Medium Billy Shoulder Bag Scarletbesides is wonderfully and very enrich life wit and humour of happiness and warmth?

The friend walks together from cradle to the grave, which days no longer have, words, lifetime and whole life feeling, one cup wine, friend never solitary lead, a friend will understand and also have wound and still have pain, still need to walk and still have meEver listen to numerous time of week 《friend 》 of the China Jian, still like the softest classic old song of that part of this touched bottom very much up to now, because it told the earnestness of the friend's of, pure emotion, so just drive we generation generation spreads to sing, become the abyss of time of classic.

Whether really have already destined, your bright and beautiful emergence is my this present life to succeed in escaping however of predestination.At sigh in sorrow of adjust son in, I put on bride's headdress Xia dress again, a time sheds tears to deduce, and a time falls down not to rise.Make fun of water Xiu, in the dusk light, raise the curve of corner of mouth for you, in spite of predestination, in spite of final outcome, have no hatred of smile slightly sweetly.I smell the acclaim and applause of full field, cry a floral face again is one the song is a drama.

When early times of touched is in the moment appearing.Mind's getting is intense emotion, is close bad.In those things of the pasts of touched in, have the different age experiences of, the dissimilarity for experiencing touched is also different.The life in nowadays compares 50's, 60's, good in 70's of many, so when 70's, 60's, see the life of in those days low back view in 50's, what mind get is deeper comprehension to the life.I living in 70's, the 70's doesn't calculate a good age nor calculate bad age.Meat under that age, the vegetable has been already had, living unlike 40's, 50's, 60's of bad, so when I see 40's, the time in 50's, I will thought of living people under those ages.Different age's giving people's thought content is also not same, the life that is born in 90's lives a ratio to above speak of be good friends with much, so the different age is all different to the work feeling written for descending different ages.Now when we see high school student or the book of university student, will comprehend to arrive ever student's ages have never thoughted of these, probably is opportunity to reach to get in touch with literature in the color to isn't a lot of, and we are more secluded there, all of a lot of things are to can not come in contact with, so let I to literature of the comprehension isn't very deep.Have already arrived at 21th century at present, what all is taking place to change, the person's thought also in the variety, and person of awakening but in the countermarch, this is just my personal standpoint, the of course not agrees nothing important also, because the person's thought is a kind not.

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