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The life is the biggest of wrong, isn't the heart that harmed that object, but didn't chase young be to return to matter, the biggest happiness, be not own excessive little person's first love of sweet, but I young be happiness.I am a naughty kid

Thought of here, the man's eyes suddenly become bright like star, right, this world's most beautiful peach blossom, destine to want for him but bloom, only have his Chu text king, just go together with to own "peach blossom madam"!Can immediately, that bright eyes again drive several silk dreary act for."In slender waist temple expose peach lately, loving have no speech degree several springs.", In a flash three year past, the peach blossom is another to is brightly shining to win to put, face that sort for her to enter temple just as the beginning bright, that sort makes people dulcify.However, within these three years, but his "peach blossom madam" is a thus cold Ao, thus of definitely cut off, the slightest don't wish in his in front, reveal own intravenous drop fine.

I want learn the brains of using the dispassion considers and particularly grinds and lets these irony and derision lead my person and thinks that I am a piece of useful gold, not useless gold.The gold always has blinking of time, the stupid bird always flies first of time, even poor always have full of day.The all these cans not get away from diligence and cans not gets away from to assiduously and particularly grind, the spirit of assiduous study.The knowledge that the life needs to be studied is too many, Michael Kors Medium Brooke Shoulder Bag PEARL GREYdifficulty and frustrate that need to be experienced are also a lot of.I want to know to be after paying of hardships, also want to be after knowing result of happiness.Is also to learn the time of knowledge when I pay, result of time, also is to harvest wealth and the time of experience, is also the time that harvests life value .the value of the life be refine to come out with feeling Wu after the difficulty and the frustrate of.be I see the oneself be worth of blinking of time, I can't think I is a matter hasn't results to show, can't think that I am the most stupid.I will think that all of these are a huge wealth and will make me more and more successful.

That year, he has been nearly 30 years old.After 5 years, he became lately eastern annual salary's tallest teacher.? Unwilling present condition there is the ability to dream also having the courage to pay.If you also do so, you can also transmute very beautiful.Certainly probably Luo the Hao English like this big cow always will be too faraway, that speaks myself.?? Since the childhood understand, teacher's classmate which afraid is unimportant neighbor's stranger, would add towards growing lovely or obedient child acceptance of persons already.But I was taken by grandpa's grandmother to grow up in childhood and had no parents to keep company with an in the mind how much had a little discomfort from vulgar.While plusing to study feel ashamed to grow is not beautiful either to have no talent and skill, could join a girl's groups to all lean against to make to smile in childhood, always with was small footman in the miss behind of beautiful ability, although is small the in the mind also understands oneself not to is to ask for a person painful kid, Be just ocean in a drop of water of the eyes faintness.However that how again, current of I am similar very self-confident.Medium recruit time to pass examination the only whole country in the county city point senior high school, get hold of national scholarship in university, there is also very warm friend's turn, several sincerely of Gui honey, can read a lot of book that time reads of at the beginning liking but having nos every day.The point of departures of possible everybody are all different, but not the representative can not lead a happy life.Can change life hard. All of us are ordinary persons, but similar can be oneself.You are to so and only have natural endowments, after all this world only has a you.So you are good friends with good love you, you are worth and better future.While overdoing an industry you

I at to the target headway that belongs to me, there is the heart to go forward in my heart, it is violently burning, imitate a burnable of Buddha the personality that I always refuse to concede defeat, challenge difficult conviction forever.The writing that my love once wrote down, it had too many give me deep thought of person and affair.There are no these writings, I can not see arrive ever.Own then these writings can let people see arrive ever of I am what appearance.In the heart to the successful conviction have much strong.I infatuate with ever of in the writing, it had melancholy, happiness, self-confidence.At not the corresponding period write down of writing, let I the nearer one step understand oneself.While being subjected to parents' arrestment on the road of writing.I should listen to parental.When I experience success again come to write.But the mistake for committing has already canned not correct the mistakes, it has already become a mind in, wound together can never cure, Michael Kors Medium Brooke Shoulder Bag PEARL GREYits church I the real strenght from the oneself set out and set out from the realistic circumstance of oneself.Seem in last year and this year, I imitate a Buddha to feel the love in the heart, the target in the heart, it has already left me not far.I search still just continuously for many years look for under, it silently sends forth a ray of light, it tightly surrounds I.My writing flies under the cope of night of the city, it is like spirit, its seeming is eyes of my mind, it will very naughtily blink eyes to me, it will be also melancholy, will be also happy, it now more time BE——Own love, it my mind Be violent to burn.

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