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Is mathematics study of organizer, guide and cooperator, the teacher should actively establish a problem scenario in the teaching, at teaching of time, for the sake of transfer the student study of aggressive, also for stimulating classroom atmosphere, I make the student pass the host whom the independence quest corpus activity becomes intimate with mathematics, experiences personally mathematics and truely becomes mathematics study.

The respect is a kind of embodiment of love.The love like this can even build a bridge of love for the mind of others, let mind eyes of others open of more long-last, cleaner and pure.While being a listener, I know the vision of using the respect to eye the other party.Listen the other party each words, each words of the other party needs me diligently and works properly to comprehend with performance.No matter is general friend still leaders to all want to let the other party respect you with humanized management and education.The respect can let the deep place of the heart of our everybody feel warm.Respect others and then should respect everything of others.For example the labor achievement of others, the feeling of others.No matter do what affair before asking us to consider more the feeling of others, don't hurt his sense of pride.The respect is like a poem& mdash;—The beauty gives me the lasting deep thought in the mind again, it is what we need to diligently work properly to study with me.Then the study can make me know to respect others, respecting the others has already paid the sweat and strenuous effort of .Our doing not want to be easily to break others has already paid the labor fruit of .The respect is an establishment on the both parties' relation.Sometimes our heart in should not have a kind of idea like this, a kind of thought.My relationship with someone not good don't respect the other party& mdash;—This is false.In fact the minds of our everyone of us are all similar, just see how we go to and build up a relationship with others.Relate to this kind of to change into long-last comity, which afraid not is a long-last comity, Michael Kors Medium Cynthia Saffiano Satchel PALMat least we the mutual respect the other party.Respect the other party to equal to bring oneself a happiness.When I alone in the city drift on water already a long time, academic association lonesome be into a friend, Michael Kors Medium Cynthia Saffiano Satchel PALMits church I real of life, let I at painful, pressure, darkly in stand up.Just can make me open eyes of mind more so, give more mind up start to build a bridge of love.Is also different to its realization——Being to is existence is fine future.It is the poem in my mind, the song in the mind, the painting in the mind, the angel in the mind, it gives me the intelligence, courage.I grow up like this, search eyes of mind like this, it beauty but give my infinite intense emotion and vitality again.

In fact can not recover of what is a toy, cry a voice over there in, the time companion wears tears already silently flow go to.A tree of life, have no season of in plant, everything of process just at pay no attention in a hurry complete.Who remember again precipitated in that years how much of sunlight and drizzle, how many mornings expose a sort of touched, how much evening leave.Scar and mirth drive lately green package, whirling the branches and leaves and root beard of the innumerable is getting more implicit, have what can exert to say twig end of a century is blooming of a floret.The growth is at the beginning the whole lives with the reason of end.

It am peaceful to wish from cradle to the grave meYou say that you wish from cradle to the grave I am peaceful from now on solitary concomitant don't turn head, don't think of you to say is felt sick of dust Fan wish to do the horizon, that Gu wild gooseYou leave forever, don't need to wait for future road still very endless but my afar have already been fond of Mang silent from cradle to the grave pour into in the end, such as the dream become to get emptyWho say time innocence, Xu Nuo the happy tears are ever wet, had no dint to save who harmed memory, was fond of heart? Just go before sparing no effort, cant not bear to turn head to fear to turn head you already not at after deathThe shiningly bright is clearly empty, disappeared a flower to permit is God to descend to curse happy Xu Nuo not, hence tell oneself: The person who loves most you has already left to entertain wild hope a meeting someone again such of love youI think that I release to be pregnant however I finally can not do it so of big-hearted if you were that Gu wild goose, I would wish to do the horizon of a put on cripple red end, water month mirror spends to all eliminate to meltThe passing years elegance elegance each other mutually understand without saying, didn't resent to start to be suffused with in the heart without the regrets light remember fondly to promise an only beautiful asseveration: Is concomitant from cradle to the grave, until foreverTaking a distant view to hand over to reflect a starlight in vanish eyes of distance is rich in hues so silent stay and wait, quiet quiet expect ignoramus, is already an a life time to allow light cloud of his breeze from cradle to the grave thinIn sleeping return Zhen wear your smiling face slightly, Michael Kors Medium Cynthia Saffiano Satchel PALMtiny shut to fix attention on a voice in the midnight cold, is who sob? The ear lightly concusses your to wish a wish: It am peaceful to wish from cradle to the grave meNeed a bed for stopping and resting on the thought

6, long:The pedestrian can not lose now on-line in the zebra, the kid can not lose at rise to run on-line, the student can not lose on-line in the score.

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