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Therefore, whenever the friend Gong raises the time of interleave, my heart many this the total felling didn't gather together of abnormal state.Always feel paying tribute of uncle's the auntseses of want for Nanking at the my home party, arrive a Nanking and feel without accompanying of friend, but when everythings all have, depressed how go to heaven and invite a died old man?

A leader of class isn't my leader of class, he gives mine be like the elder brother gives younger brother of the love is similar.His love is breathed, the love strength like this is infinity.At that time at the new soldier connected me could not realize.Love is such in my heart of faintness, the reality is also a faintness like this.The excellent performance of one leader of class is sent orchid state military district to study.Do I know what the study like this means?His life will take place infinity change.The change that arrives military officer from the soldier, this is each serve as soldier a person to long for day and night, are also those be full of hopes earnestly to the soldier of general of the excellent soldier prepare.The success is to stay to the person& rdquo of having the preparation;Ever how could not realize the meaning of this sentence as well?Just can realize the true meaning of this sentence at present, this is the breathed love to give I.Is trueSee true two wordses' seeming to see life is jumping about, sees the self-confidence being flying, seeing arrive the frustrate and bias once met in looking for true road.I still find out true——What is it actually?No one tells me true is what?Also no one tells me true look for is very difficult.True be true mind, true of ego.I was originally a hedgehog, I got into a blue hotel and looked for true I pulled out the sting on the body, the hedgehog had never stabbed it to use what protect oneself, Michael Kors Medium Grayson Logo Satchel VANILLAonly wait for a catching of find killing.Probably I was originally a find, not a very fatty find.Isn't a distance most farawaily in the world, but our heart.This is I once wrote into in the diary of a words.Ever told me such a words at blue[one] colleague in the hotel:The headwaiter doesn't like you, you have to give a headwaiter crest since.I could not comprehend the meaning of this sentence at that time.Also reside to make me realize to a words like this in the city blessing after many years.Why at the beginning can not realize this sentence?Probably is that I haven't got into a role and haven't truely fallen in love with a dining, this profession.Don't know that an excellent employee should have how of a kind of character?Yes, the excellent employee should have how of a kind of character?Then the character like this can make me better to integrate into their team.

The evening haze is deeply, the bise is like whip, crazy Chi pale tree branch, Huang deeply destroys a leaf to cover with to dance in the wind, Michael Kors Medium Grayson Logo Satchel VANILLAonce in a very long while don't wish to hit the ground.Is the last time to relive blue sky probably, now winter leave, the future reunion didn't expect.

I say:"I compare to like better that kind of and have what not good words be the party concerned of noodles say, don't say after person person the person of the not good words."

Allow with Anne be not what gleam of existence.There is no fantastic background, have no appalling legend, also have no outstanding result.Gao Yi's his height hasn't broken one meter seven, the skin is black, silent few speech.But blue sky wood still kept leading at that time heroic female man, tied a clean and neat horsetail, delivering card with the fringe of hair didn't button up in the top of head up ugly don't pull the military cap of Ji, Michael Kors Medium Grayson Logo Satchel VANILLAbe dressed in plump camouflage to take.Admire with other girl Xi hip - hops, run about on the drill ground, roar loud to shout loudly.Two of them have never cared the other party.For the first time talk still just after a week of military training, late self-study, the blue sky wood hungry belly Gu Gu calls, nerveless lie prone on the table to suddenly smell the pure sweet flavor of an apple, be partial to overdo see the just big is big Anne of chew a red apple.

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