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《Make track for a dream combination 》 makes me get to read literature the person's change, also show me a person of passion literature, at literature this road up pay the strenuous effort and sweat of , also show me a reader to is a writing to another adoration that write again at the same time.We each writing all the one who have a writing that oneself worships is what her work makes you fancy literature, and walk the preceding context learn the road of creations, will experience a difficulty on this road, frustrate, but have the method to win it.Succeed=natural endowments+diligence+effort.The 《the blue sky that starts to support life 》 author is Wang Jia Peng, also the television drama that the autobiography that presses he changes, show me a person to how stand in the predicament.His idea dint, the confidence allows me to know life road more up don't can not win of difficulty.Is positive if at the beginning is writing the frustrate of road, this all wants to experience of, after experiencing just can know the shortage of oneself existence.《The nursery tale of youth 》 shows me the deepest feelings of of sister, they all start to build a bridge of love for the mind of the other party, so of really love to move me, also move them.《Empress kitchen 》 shows me the competition of dining profession, realistic Chinese food's drinking the competition of profession is also very ruthlessness.Want to exist and then will experience competition& mdash;—It makes me know how exist down in the society in nowadays.When I shuttle in the dark night every day, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Camo Travel Tote poppythe mind seems to feel dark night inside to my writing inspiration no longer is formerly so strong.A lot of deliberation concerning lives go back and forth in the brain.Deliberate life in the middle of the long river we should do how of person?What kind of talented person is what pursue in our heart?In fact what kind of the person is all different to our everybody.After I am used to a kind of life style, we is not is should search to let us a substantial affair.When the busy life makes us lose a lot of touched, we is not is should make track for some ever of touched.

I thought at first the sky in Chengkong University be still and childhood years that sort of blue, water was still with childhood years that sort of pure, the grandfather was still with the Kang Jian of childhood years that sort.Hardly realizing the time is like that a burst of autumnal winds once pared off and turn to namely die in a sudden, juniority of I again how can anyone know years already silently under the grandfather's face last Lao decrepit trace.We gradual Chengkong University, those persons who love us also gradually become old and become a rickets low back and become to hobble, become weak and sick and become to lose memory forgetful.This is that they need us most of time, however we, but for the sake of those not essential of absurd, but neglected exactly what is the most important long-cherished wish.

Breaking up her to seem to recognize this time is true, at I think her self-will later on will come back of these three months in, we keep to break continuously continuous contact, but she always has never loosenned to say compound.

There is no person, there is no language, would was to have no source of vitality, the still life in the house became more desolate, the star sky at the mid-night is inching it is thus clear that, the month has already had no a trace and shadow and always wants to pull a to lay a net and harvests severals, the but again is full lose, pour is trample inclined cockboat. The television drama of in front comes to return back of broadcast, this will pour to also seem to be surplus, the only thing, would be to take to begin machine, turn over around, don't know this kind of as well anti- the action again and again replying still needs to continue how long and stops, but discover the book put on the table didn't turn over for a long time, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Camo Travel Tote poppydon't know at the moment and have how much delicate dust tainted with a writing form, the neurotic viewpoint head quarter suddenly rushes out, unbearable of again picked up a cellular phone, a burst of Xu Xu Dao Dao, the light is early tired, like this quiet, light from dreary. Inside the house, by this time the head quarter takes some surprise of accident, this that the nasal sound of the Fu, infuse full house, there is no person, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Camo Travel Tote poppyin fact can with the whole communicate, just, is to diligently come to manner of speaking, often and like this also for the awake abnormality, the voice is also so clear, may is colder and colder breeze and meets from the door in slipped away to come in!It urges my spirit, then figured out an one and other story, the dark night was a miraculous spirit, public at the time that Han slept, nature also only you blinked to fix attention on, though jet black, but always see one silk glow-in-the-dark, may be the cellular phone for refreshing, probably is also an owl of radiant, so, night always the night in utter darkness, remain one the light of the wisp of silk half, increase warmth, increase bright and beautiful. Is droopy to rise, the wreath attends to on all sides, feel the body is beside without person, be like without an intimate friend, can not hand over heart, it has become cold, and ego of exchanges, and night of exchanges, fall in purdah, lightly pace, press a tired light, start to pull thin drive, bind tight body, night of the bise is a burst of outside the window, hardly realizing how much cripple leaf, will fall full 1 ground tomorrow morning!Sawed one eyed again black, the night view was decayed, slept an idea is rising, shut an eye, breathe well-balanced. Remember at this time, don't be apart from thin forgot public, but the public Be thin to forget distance, looked back the horizon, a few stars zero spread, is I hope to wear material life-eyeYesterday became common practice, things of the past such as rain

I secretly slipped away into his official residence in the evening and changed to return him with own blood cuckoldry life.The Buddha knew that felt pity on me, my the memory being a white fox blured out and became my body a green lotus before the Buddha and let me turned 100001000 livesed with his Du, but I still can not escape a predestination, in this a life time, still feel attracted to him.

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