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Not speech not language, dark of the night walk, even if difficult, can also independently arrive.Believe regardless and how the night of utter darkness, also can stay around today, tomorrow morning, and then have new of dynasty the sun rise.

The academic association loves himself/herself, none of us is a perfect person, but we want to accept not perfect wes.At standing alone of time, comfort for oneself;At lonesome of time, give oneself warm.The academic association is independent, farewell dependence, to weak of oneself say again see.The road of life can't be even forever...[Read full text]

This summer in last year went crazy to similarly take photo to keep as memory, that ice cream that holds in the hand, freeze the heart at each other in.See they sit in the car, the glass of Mo color held up very reluctant to separate eyes, that doesn't want to reveal of misty inside, clear is a very red eye socket.You say:Will see again thoroughly.But, say the time of this words, clearly by hand touch go to.Lower the head, quiet, only the warm up of breeze, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Dotted Travel Tote Black Whiteblew about hair.……, Then, the lens aims at to slowly start of car, the car empress is an one to wave a farewell, do you still remember?I say:Leave, they have already walked, tomorrow evening will arrive.You say:Leave, return to dormitory.When put away baggage, just thoroughly believe, will start on journey tomorrow.Those persons who loathe to give up, in spite of your baggages weigh how much, will say:It Be free, let me come to take.That is saying good-bye of a sincerity, the meaning is to can not accompany you to walk, and I can send you to step on to in the future advertise for a distance.The interjection that heard know recently is more and more near, imitate a Buddha, it is like to send us the emissary for stepping on to advertise for a distance similar, every year is all similar, the but again is a little bit different.But return a knot bottom still similar of, because that interjection head quarter make person Huan of emotion listen to for the song of departure.……Long in addition to station, thou way side, Fang grass green jade connect sky, the breeze late kisses Liu Di Sheng's remnants, the setting sun mountain outside the mountain.……The season in last year, we also caught up and thought to still be a lot of sky of at first, suddenly very clear now, will be a lot of sky of, the friend in nowadays can't at nearby.Want to cherish the remaining day, ability and good friends well an ability how long together, how long together good?The life is like itinerary, you will meet a lot of persons on this road and have of wipe a shoulder but lead, have of Be impressed with, have of get along like a house on fire …, at meet an of one mind person in the itinerary like this is the most happy, this I rejoice very much.The words that don't want to forget we once said tonight remember the song that we once sang tonight, friend, take good care, good luck, encourage.I hear top in the basketball court is floating in the sky our songs, a words the whole life feeling is a song during a lifetime ………(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713768/He elder brother, Chen Shi, learns 70 greatest lives

7, 1 thin:Rather I throw a coin to calculate one Gua for you, front side, you are fixed by her, reverse side, she fixs you, if the coin stands on the ground, you whole body but back, how?

25, if is necessary to meet and then finally will meet, if could not meet and then explain that we have no a necessity to meet.No matter whether wish, the affair of the occurrence always takes place of, the Earth person is called the destiny to this kind of affair.

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