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Usually don't aware of self of think, those times that bloom in the passing years, have how much miss, and then have how many leaves?Stand on the street corner of years, banishment memory, 11 wisps of flowers bloom, always are unspeakable painful.Person's usually an inadvertent smile that weighs feeling, all will in the heart bloom for a long time.The time is easily far, the blooming flowers ever eventually arrived however years pass by quickly, met and mutually knew in those world of mortalses, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote Walso belonged to wipe a shoulder and wore a line the vulgar life time is at the dust of journey, gradually and then would be used to a person running about, be used to a person's time.Time in a hurry, the time is true of walk in the finger tip midstream.Memory so lightly of be broked off by the years, the breeze son once blows and left everywhere defoliation and endlessly remember fondly.A person is like an one withered leaf, is slightly started to blow by breeze, revolve, lightly drop into the earth, the whole is so natural, harmony.

For the habit, we can see make is a kind of way for changing and influencing imperceptibly to the influence that the person produces, is a natural precursor on habit of certain degree and listen to person once say, so-called bitterness only is not orientation, became natural that no longer is bitterness can probably also become a kind of fun, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote Wprobably is this truth.Habit of developing and mostly coming from exterior of influence, but exterior of this influencing isn't equal, or after being a formation is all similar.Be used to of firm usually is become a direct proportion with its formation time, we 21 day the formative habit and 40 days' formative habits all have very big differentiation, even if it is same habit.When a habit drive generation the person follow, that became a custom, custom.This was the high state of habit.But want to change a habit, but the custom is very difficult.Company Yang political reform, most make its headache of is the bad habit that changes old Qin Ren, change custom, go to toilet and the bedroom is in the same building etc..And this tough problem is also use more than 30 years just saw effect, and the in the interval Cheng cured the offense of thousands person, Wei water side for forbiding personal fights to cut to kill more than 700 persons at a time, and oneself finally also drive those conservative parties car crack.Besides the history tells us the end for changing to deliver not how like.From here we can see strength of habit us an ability small Qu not, habitually can mold a person's life, can also ruin a person to living.But want to change to over a long period become a sexual habit is more difficult to up add difficult.

Everybody has 1 to insist on, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote Wjust each have a dissimilarity!Coming and going is the only reason that I don't give up!Is painful, is that I stand down of the only strength!My this person, say a little bit unpleasant to hear is a Jin, say a little bit good to listen is a monomania.Whenever when the outside drifts on water, my head quarter thinks of a home various delicious!Tang yuan, fry in oil swan egg, Mo, double sauteed pork, corn club, cucumber, banana, watermelon, plum, grape, pear, sweet potato, mulberry fruit, strawberry, sweet meat, , Although the outside also have, but have no that flavor!Is careful on seeing incredibly have no rice among them, that later if is that I died, provide these to go.Originally, I am to hundred percently eat goods!

Rather life and leaf of city are as different as chalk and cheese, photograph to work light loose is also him favorite of, so he is big of time is used to travel a line, use the point that the single anti- record lives intravenous drop drop, occasionally drink at the bar with friend, it is an unfamiliar woman to sometimes wake up bed side, he says to seek interest in to mutually throw with friend can have already again not said to finish words and oneself a little bit different girl.He once had girl friend before, beautiful, sense, pursued famous brand bag and bracelet.Afterwards rather the city can not keep on continuing and then ended that absurd life.

Kid, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote Wyou have already had the kid true regret, the life inside has already written into the ache and scar of when man is first born.

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