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When the love arrives, we weave together happy;When the love leaves, my a person collects as treasure to have happiness.The stranger who acquaint with most in the life occasionally still will think of you, can I can't walk into your life any further and only have because of our loves once.When the love starts, we started two one final outcome of choosings, the Yao mutually guards old, the Yao mutually forgets river's lake.So, when we choose to start a romance, we then load the risk of life that has to come out a person forever.Feelings that never wishes to easily accept a person never literally allows promise an asseveration that can not cash and only because meets you, doesn't allly and all impossibly become probably and includes to forever lose you.In liking each other of that for an instant, we have 50% in the clout to destine will become stranger.Even if and so, we still bravely held hands to once walk one distance landscape, then each rush thing, leave an eternal figure.The love that once expected to fall in love at first sight, once believing firmly love as well can break the whole bars and once experienced and once struggled and once disappointed and once gave up, I just gradually know:The love is a clean and pure and radiant glass flower.Love once losing, we returned not to go any further, good that scatters a ground of glass fragment.Because once loved, we couldn't thoroughly forget each other;Because once harmed, we couldn't return to a good friend of a little bit original.Leave afterwards one of our choice, mutually forgot river's lake to become our end final outcomes are in a melody for acquainting with, in a scene of likeness, the time in in the dead of night, at solitary helpless of time, that hides an in mind kid to also stealthily think of you.Thought at first that oneself has already forgotten you, but discovered that you have been staying in my heart bottom.But, I didn't wish to stop again step to wait for you, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Travel Tote SAPPHIREor turn head to look for you.Probably, I have already become accustomed to have no you, just occasionally still will think of you.For forgetting, we did a lot of silly matters and deleted all contact methods and destroyed all letter papers and diary and sealed to save the memory ever, but the detection more wanted to forget more is easily remembered.That a period of time, we choice evade, close, depravity, even from destroy.Originally, oneself in that time just didn't habitually suddenly have no your to keep company with, just don't wish to forever come out your life, just can not accept to forget river's lake with you mutually.Finally, we endure tears to say to see again, eventually disappear any further and became the stranger who acquaint with most in each other life.Time is the best medicated plaster, again deep of the fractures will slowly heal, again don't think that the persons that forget will become a traveler.Again think of, I discover that I has already forgotten you, only, those you give of the most beautiful recollection, I have been staying in the heart bottom.Thanked you to once appear my life in, acquainted with most in the life of stranger, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Travel Tote SAPPHIREyou must be happy!(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714097/The flower of life blooms at heaven the door is outside

The writer of the scholar Thou the Chinese and Foreign tour exert now, the feeling history stays to have severals.The Hao Miao feeling historical records uploads, at present again several people talk.The Hao boundless traveler is like cloud and mist, once passing away no longer now.Is empty to stay emperor to resist will mutually, historical records on several people are great.Hence the life should be capable, then can good reputation ten thousand the thous spread.Just think some other day in the high in the clouds, thin look at masses of people to chase F great.Settle meeting clear sky exhibition smiling face, hot sun in time now.Hence human life should capable, the intravenous drop is great for posterity.

3 dragon Feng the lake visit so, the careless Xiao shadow sits ascend Zhang Jie's motorcycle."What about that sparrow?"Zhang Jie asks."I don't know."Zhang Jie no longer asks more and has no language all the way.The Xiao copies also have no again talkative.In September, north China in the plain, what to look endless is a corn field, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Travel Tote SAPPHIREa row lines up corn, as the sentinel is tidy.Ten thousand inside green yarn debt, hereafter draw off in succession.Although Zhang Jie doesn't quickly ride bike,the Xiao copies still greedy of look at at present landscape.Even all of breaths are so delightfully fresh.There is also anterior Zhang Jie, take a light tobacco flavor."His affirmation smokes."Yi how thoughts of him. Be not, all rushed out by the somebody else's motorcycle, how may neglect at present this greatly lives a person.(: )Was quick to arrive by the lake, the color of the sky dimed down, the air is damp many, fog late came down.Zhang Jie puts motorcycle at near the bank."Walk."She heel in his behind, she listens to he speak, he has been being speaking and speak his family and speak his to attend school, speak his classmate and speak his work.Fog is more and more thick, thick thickly surround their two people.No one of the by the lake, specially quiet on all sides.There are occasionally a few small birds brushing past a surface, lake water verdant Cheng Che.They walk to stop like this and stop to walk.The Xiao shadow doesn't talk very much and just lowers the head, the heel behind and silently walks at him.Yes, six years of first love, a letter, a piece of paper, a words, all the ash flies smoke to put out.Thought of these, the Xiao copies an in the mind very sour, the eye inside also has the 1 F water spirit.Zhang Jie sees her have no action for a long time, turn head to see her and at the right moment sees the Xiao shadow rubbing eyes."How?You!""Nothing important!"Very weak one answers.Even have some voices to change to adjust.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713406/Hate long love also is also long(five)

Walk into the story that is dyed by the painting Yin, sees willow clinging, green jade water is long, side exposes the rushing through of man positive hard journey of anxious color to once with beauty mutually invite of under the peach blossom tree, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Travel Tote SAPPHIREseveral year past, he really didn't dare to condescend to come of the whole did to serve as what judgment, begged the location that canned be early some to arrive engagement.However, until from the sun rising in the east, waited until full west building of month, he can not see the Qian shadow of in a dream beauty as well, only a heart of dreary iciness, low Qi wear origin of previously.

As a new mother, I am to have no experienced.But the many people will discover that I usually show off me before person the experience that is a mother.Saying is funny, in fact I don't understand anything.Is only more than other people two"eyes".Say more funny BE, nearby of women's the colleagues, also really think to my nursing experience letter really, often make a phone call or send letter an interest to come "hard consult".Ha ha, ha ha, Hey Hey, this is me, a woman of neurotic and super strain.Female classmate 23 matters

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