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8, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Scarf Tote Navyyour Kua I 100 poisons don't invade but you know not to know ten thousand arrowses to wear heart from now on what all not afraid.

You stand among the living the end tip in Marchary, use fragrant bring a feeling at ease of full world; You make open a to smile to would be a full tree to spend heavy, allow world the visitor sigh you charming poise and exquisite bearing.I stand the smiling face is nearby bright, you imitate a Buddha to float to fly at know no bounds of cloud sky; I scan widely this like the abyss of sea flower, see stunning, disappear heart to read.You attire in spring this as the spirit; You dance to jump among with the breeze; You are small and soft to listen the twittering of the earth; You dye this with the merriment.The beauties of spring is limitless you never contend for strange Dou gorgeous, the flower blossoms on the seventh you didn't resent life brief. Is naturally comfortable to see ten thousand inside cloud and mist, the disposition leads simple life to enjoy scene infinite.My title sees you pretty facial appearance, under the blue sky of you good silver the light is flickering. I am felt deeply about to your unselfish dedication, also laud your quite Shu Xian.You brought hope and recollection, the but again Ji Ji ground disappeared in spring in. With bate breath concentrate, I imitate the sentence that the Buddha heard thousand year agos sentence hearsay.The time deep place is you; Remembering the deep place is you; The brain deep place is you; The mind deep place is you.You aren't the April sky of the human life, but is the April sky in my heart.Going home of hardships road

I read to read and read to 《remember fondly 》 , this is the author the creations is under the background that cross-straits isolate had 40 years later at third hand opportunity to meet of:"You where come, my friend, seem a butterfly to fly into my window way......"This song sings to ring in the cross-straits, this is exactly the old wish of Joe, also the common wish of cross-straits compatriot.At my thinking deep place led long old creations of Joe of 《the song of peony 》 , this is the reform to open of 1980 Sir Nian Qiao Yus of beginning create a classic excellent piece of , the author takes national flower peony as song form line, metaphor at reform and open in do the leadership of a huge contribution and people to never give up for the motherland, the independence self-renewals of spirit, famous singer greatly for in the whole country sing ring, headed for a world.

I smile a to smile, silent.Some speeches at this says with don't say, said to don't necessarily understand, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Scarf Tote Navydon't say to don't necessarily don't understand.

"Life if just as before see", probably the many people all like this.Why?Only because meet for two people's accidental beginning, have no gainful perplex, don't envy of tie up to round, have of Be just people to widespreadly think very mysterious very romantic"500 times wipe a shoulder but lead" change of the this present life meet of a time Mou. Beginning I by chance met by chance the phrase of Na orchid at 3:00, then rampant to what he was addicted to.See his a Que phrase would being this 《reduce a word magnolia to draw up a thou to definitely cut off a phrase 》 for the first time.Whether phrase is this, I have already recorded not realistic.Because that"life if just as before see, He Shi's autumnal winds sad painting."At the right moment and unbiasedly shot my heart lake, started to be suffused with ripple, had no time to attend to again other. "The beginning sees", how wonderful phrase. Beginning see, her unwilling and mediocre female dresses up as men's wear to study to the college and by a happy chance met with he, she lightly calls him"beam elder brother", get along with in the morning and night in dark living feeling, 2 people break layer after layer harassment to think to get successfully, can the final outcome finally is unexpectedly consociation into hide, from the soil, soul's apotheosis become Die! By this time what will they be recalling?When she read a beginning to meet he kind humble shape, he read a beginning to meet she started to tie green silk the facial expression of sarcastic amiability.Can finally BE, could not saw any further. Someone says that person and others of of meet for the first time very important, because the first impression will give people 1 kind or good or bad but the felling for willing definitely profoundly keep firmly in mind. I think that yes.For example say, so several years, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Scarf Tote NavyI forgot and friends total degree some what kind of time, but I am still clear to remember, see them for the first time, they or busy or leisurely and carefree figure. The beginning sees, if can settle a space, can this mean, have never separated with my crew member?The person finally can not win a sky

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