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From beginning to end, I have never understood, living why will become thus pitiful with depressed.BE should believe God or oneself.In this selfish and unscrupulous society, what oneself like is to should be allowed the existent, dislike of be should exterminate.

Some Tao boys still by hand rise the body both sides Nian of earthworm and make an effort one Ye, earthworm drive penny is two.But make people strange BE, the earthworm didn't die and fell in the ground, two parts still is continuing to wriggle, led to we are when a burst of surprised to shout, devote one's mind ground to looking at their activities more, wait for them death.At that time a little ground in the past empress, don't know who shouted 1:Wanted to have a classQuickly jump a ground ditch, run to the school of countryside that is located in the afar.On the open spaces countryside, spread repeatedly happy interjection, up in the air drift, drift.

Time is a sharp of engrave knife, our everybody, from the mother's womb falls to the ground of a moment rise start heading into to die of hell.In fact, the time is a liar of cleverness, it has already engraved the most beautiful wonderful thing Juan at self-discipline its Human body up.

Along with the growth of age, gradual center of earth will much one is cool, more and more discover that oneself likes a serene life, after experiencing many rains and winds, will learn calmly thin certainly face everything.The beginning of our friendship is the beginning of a predestination, because the emotion that flows and drips in writing, because the entwining of the writing inside imagination starts walking up, starts guarding Hou and starts wishing wish& hellip;Support like this and encouragement make me such of touched, because that is happy to go to, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Studded Travel Tote Brownshocking, because that pays, you understand me a lot of, compare me to want to understand by myself, but, can't say intentionally what, the whole, so run its course of flow to drip, loving of, very soft, but is once in a very long while

The life lives in the life but at another place.Life particularly the hardships is besides the life of village, in my memory junior high school living monotonous, make people tired of.Parents because of home burden heavy but Jian Mo, the sisters because of dim prospect but misgiving, I evade because the atmosphere is uncanny, I rejoice up to now me to abscond to one enchanting sight in spring time place.《Reader 》 and 《youth selected essays 》……give me young mind shadow to throw down one square warm sunlight.Suspend in the sky, plain medium breath.I am like a baby son sort bitterness bitterness that tastes candy sweet flavor son to make track for that, even a bit absorbed in work.《Live in the mountains notes 》, 《 cultural bitterness trip 》, 《 thought of the sky 》……I hope earnestly to taste a life is to life of sweetener, gradually just know, I can breathe of Be just the oxygen in the atmosphere, can daut of also just vital of go to hull.Pursue life, dissect a life.《Red Chamber Dream 》 , 《paradise lost 》 and 《the life can not bear of light 》……show unintentionally life of originally true, display life of true character, many fine, many unbearable, all is in the person's mind than memory still want deep thing, ask life, weigh to reach a life.I always at remould myself of touched in at gradual under the moistenning of book growth.In earnest look back, the close relatives keep company with me to put life, but the book keeps company with me to convert to a life.From green puckerily and at the beginning once walked in a puzzle pass, walk to the feeling to know life, feeling life of at present.The book is the Mi book that my mind practices moral teachings, whenever and what place, pursue a dream from the heart, put to fly life ideal from the book, I all the way the Jian go.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714401/The disorderly phrase pipa doesn't embrace

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