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Today's sky, surprising cold, for one didn't°yet in Kunming over pass the winter of kid come to say, I admit that I am really hard to adapt to this it's cold, probably have of the person should want to me of the words give a snickerThat calculates what cold, Can this to start into to all eventually can not stand cold of I but have been being looking forward to winter of the north and everything of the north, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Multifunction Tote BrownI always at think that this is 1 how band together an antinomy I.

I decide that the story that write army camp is also seeing finish 《I am the special kind soldier& mdash;—The last bullet is after staying to me 》 me to see the small Chuang write seedling connect leave a brigade, seedling connect of the facial expression be like me to at the beginning see the leader of class retiring from the army homing moment in the army camp organization dining room.Include hot tears in his eyes, he is to have a passion for troops.The troops give him a lot of wealths.He loathes to give up to leave army camp, iron beats of the soldier of silver dish flowing water, always having a day like this will also greet me.Am I more clear to take off to keep company with his three years of olive green to mean to a soldier what?Three years of army camp career, he didn't carry out the ideal of testing the military school, he took this regret to leave troops.I also pour on the road of testing the military school.His life will be new, the new challenge is waiting for him.When I again write old leader of class, I can not attain mind equanimity.At the same time is also make me continue really love to make the mind touched the power for writing down.Walk into city, let the oneself know to a person who truely knows success and failure, will forever of pursue, work hard to still want continuous study just can let to succeed to stay forever in mind.If we don't pursue, don't work hard, don't study, we can get failure, can not get repay.BE paying an of and result, please don't care to harvest too much as long as you have already paid, the result will have naturally of, only a concept, harvest much and little.The red day is from the horizon ascension rise, the bright moon hangs high up in the sky, everything livings the time of working properly the rest, alone an individual quiet quiet arrive at a bright moon bottom.Hope bright moon emanation to come out light ray of light, be like a warrior that is executing duty.His using justice is protecting motherland and the people's peace.It be full of the ray of light of justice on the warrior body.The ray of light of justice tightly and around on him.When the body of warrior constitutes human body the Great Wall, any perilous, the frustrates can not make him retreat and only make him be getting more stubborn, that is value with real warrior.

The time is this book, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Multifunction Tote Brownwe at quiet quiet browse, always some moods, need to be got off the heart, always some Yings are bright, need to be remembered, but I, like chase they well arranged in the writing.

The wife imitates a Buddha still just the sleepwalking is general, daring not believing me has been already arrived, like I just started daring not believing to born so quickly.But can listen to from the voice come out, her mental state is still pretty quite good.An hour of observation expects later on, the wife is released to produce building, I signed a horse to face up and connected wife to return to sickroom with mother-in-law, and the small guy then have been peaceful and serenely lying on his mother, don't cry nor make, probably he is alsoWalk fasterRush through more exhaustedly to need to be taken a break.And at this time, oneself's heart also always at continuously cross-examine, the small guy is exactly long what kind?This kind of is curious to also imitate a Buddha to come to a boiling point, the continuously top and bottom is vacillating.

The generation that depraves in this education system, can pay water east to flow for six years, lucky of pass examination point senior high school, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Multifunction Tote Browntest not up I also nothing important misery.I is studying odds and end technique to the comprehension of senior high school, not knowledge system, you ability English book son test full marks, the along while suppresses not to come out one a little bit complicated of from the sentence, does that still rather admit that oneself is constipated.

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