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She is 10 years old that year, the home hangs up lanterns and festoons to come to many people a while, father also vigorous instauration in former days of the breeze deliver.The floret knows from the other people's discussion that the father wants to remarry, unspeakable pain in her heart, but have no again face up reveal, flower will embellish a world, which can care to put over there?She just sees and also brings a younger brother younger brother after the mother after being public to walk, the father indeed likes these two new members very much.Day is lead out, just this can not ask for after the mother, she is a hot pepper, Chongqing of dynasty Jiao in the sky.People say that the life of floret is too bitter, learned Chuo, the household chores of family fell a 10-year-old in the body, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Slim Wallet MANDARINthe kid does laundry, cooks a meal, does household chores and feeds domestic animals.The princess from the same age is in the heaven, she but in the hell.Some old men secretly help floret, but recruit come after mother heartless cold stare, people dare the Nu not dare to talk.The father comes back from doing a part-time job to ignore to the reflection of surrounding neighbors, he was weak people to know.Sky asleep, the sky fell asleep, everyone knows.The very silly floret is dressed in the old clothes that the mother bought before and was suffused with white then sparse, fragmented and disorganized positive like that ever happy heart.

Stroll in world of mortals in, looking at time to flow to turn, talk to smile, the ash flies smoke to put out.I the regrets start for time of fleet away, I start thinking of you I the compotation anecdotage is past to recall~to the min of day, but at present from stay my one person to get empty to drink cold Ge to think Yi in the month.Is thick to thickly long for, change into one altar delicious wine, occasionally taste for a while, but the felling is bitter too much, the wine doesn't inebriate, person from inebriate.Once danced with the Die to once smile a flower, you sang, I dance, your Nong, my Nong.But at present, alone one person fondles piano low voice to sing, white vegetable Jian up, cool become a flower.

The Mid-Autumn Festival just passed by, I was like usually similar at this road last stroll, saw the sky, the moon just rose in the east, again greatly again circle be really should old words 15 moons are 16, true the United States.Although if there is a clouds continuously, the side is from the moon up once float, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Slim Wallet MANDARINnot only didn't influence moonlight, it was to increase for several cents to pour, movement, imitate the Buddha moon is doing not stop to walk, should also a lyrics in the song'the moon walk I also walk', the wayside has of the street lamp haven't sent an electricity,just take a walk under the moonlight of the shadow of human figure is continuously swing.Is tired by walking, stop next see the sky, twinkling is a stars in the boundless sky, move of stars is the night class of friendly intercourse this city airplane.Come and go people of stroll in seeing this road, everyone at continuously walk, walk, walk. Everyone is the road that walks on the life up, walk on the on the travel of life, a scenery of newness, occasionally the autumnal winds once pares off still and has all the way of dust.The road of life, the on the travel of the life, the everyone is boundless green, forward continuously step.The road is still yesterday's road, time is a different day, and the everyones all repeat yesterday's story.Have on the road of life how much happy concomitant with, have how much pain and sufferings concomitant with.The road of the life, life of travel, there is successful pleased mirth, there is also the sad tears of failing.The road of life, life of travel, there is risk, there is equally also scene, all the way wish, wish to wish everyone peaceful.The road of life, the travel of life, the endless desire gutters accompanies with crime, sacrifice how much go together all the way.The road of life, the travel of the life, the highest power accompanies with to bomb the arms and supplies voice of Long Long, the innumerable goes together had no home.Life of road, life of travel, everyone favour favour green, the discrepancy go into a continuously step, finally the life finds out different marriage. Hope moon, the Qi hopes vital the road here up, vital the on the travel here, boundless green, is each stranger that the discrepancy goes into, cross frustrated, cross summer autumn of spring winter, repeat the next summer autumn of spring a winter, after experiencing rains and winds, washed away dirt vital soul, there is life marriage. The night view is gradually deep, leave after going straight up, only make headway, come out a healthy life.Autumn is a season of result

Winter in childhood, all will be very cold very cold.That time, wear a lot ofly, the cotton dress, cotton trousers, cotton shoe and cotton hat goes to battle together, on the head, face up, hand up, feet up, all the Wu gets strict actually solid of, everybody chases the elephant that oneself wraps up Zong-zi, go out each time, exposes two eyes, even if so, seem still very cold and very cold.Each time till winter, my feet will be frozen, very red, very fat, till evening, the mother will use her the warm hands rub my feet and rub while sayingElephant the piggy hoof& rdquo;.

The look in the eyes for you to smile is that so to make me infatuate, elephant darkly in of light, illuminate the direction that I go forward.Your gentle and soft words, the elephant sweet dew moistens the paddy field of dried up.When you my look in the eyes at darkly in intertexture but lead of time, elephant lightning flash one Shan but lead, don't leave any impression for people, you pursue of the boy probably isn't me this kind of type of.At the time that you slept soundly, I lightly fondled your show hair.Your show hair has already grown light subtle fragrance, elephant rose of fragrant, at the time that you lost, I shared for you and helped you to come out from lose of the shadow.When your show delivers in the light breeze to dance in the wind, my heart also wears more to dance in the wind.The day with no you, elephant cloudy sky, the elephant sunlight loses a color.The day with no you, I can not find the mirth of early times and can not find the meaning of existence, your sweet and charming facial appearance a time resound in my brain.You the elephant is a song, can bring me happiness, can also bring me sad.You my meet rain after, rain empress can always see rainbow, but I and your met don't see rainbow, see of is the sky of dark.Music flies in the night sky, beautiful of the melody let my mind have been already flown.When melody like this was like the melody of piano tactfully and moving but equanimity, but madness, be like 1 rightness just at romantic in of lovers, she(he) of face the upper-class was a sweat bead of.She seems to infatuate with therein.Woman face top and the sweat bead drop on the forehead at the man fructify again generous of chest up.The chatelaine tongue tastes a man the sweat flavor on the body.

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