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Write in 2014 lunar calendar the night of October 18, the ground of celibacy non- house, Anhui.Think of to come and go various vexed sorrow trifleses, suggest desire to record one by one bottom, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote Goldbut don't know what remember.Gradually going to feel deeply about life is impermanent, constantly changing, at random wrote this text.The person is a Miu person, the Wu is a Miu Wu, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote Goldthe nature that this text talks is also Miu theory, sends a bosom, Ru etc. for the time being a smile then good.Life of heavy and light

At present, their eyes inside only the piece of send forth debauched smell, red hair of purple small ointment, they such as a group of cluster of the hungry tiger sort tore to bite mutually and beat and even forgot the other party to once is the whole life bosom friend that oneself's morning and night gets along with, even close relatives, which afraid once gave timely assistance of the utmost sincerity of touched have already thrown into far away as well at present now, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote Goldsee this act, heart immediately such as fill up five flavours miscellaneous Chen, the inside taste is hard to talk.A put on the smiling face of Qi bitterness to float into lips side, feebly shake, turn round to sail out of the room

Fall a text, thought of that a dialect of the Jin north of Shanxi calls "the Meng falls".Meaning is while judging an affair that is hard to anticipate, there is no how to consider that thoughtful observed an idea circumstance, by dint of first felling while impulsively ordering about but make policy.Know for a sky for the writer year old, the feeling Wu of life, the Meng falls a phrase to use more practical in the aspects of choosing love marriage.

This recollection probably will also slowly disappear along with time almost exhausted, don't know when I become an old woman, still denying will think of all these!Words of meaning to say said 1 time on the whole by himself/herself and had no a literary grace and just wanted to express I as 80 empresses the youth ever and all said youth without the regrets, but I also imagined saying so to say 1 in movie:I regretted!13-year-old wedding

I in the middle of really loving to move mind write into a supervisor frequently.She is like similar care to elder sister elder sister and concerns us.When she leaves a blue hotel, we all flow the tear falls water& mdash;—At that time true tears.We all give frequently the elder sister's mind rise a bridge of love.We love deeply her, she also gives the bridge for rising love of our minds.Frequently the supervisor gives our love a lot of, but the that time can not feel and realize.At present in the protrait love move mind just truely realize her give our love.When while I am writing to arrive frequently a supervisor to leave a blue hotel, I also write into scene for manager Tian to leave blue hotel.He is the model that every employee of us studies.What we see is intelligence, a courage on him and resolute.He is a man of flavor who has much of a man, a lot of women all like him this type of.He is also the teacher in my dining profession, is that he makes me know a dining, this profession.After he walk our world seems to be for a while to become dark.We at dark of search in the world bright.Nearby have several assistants who get dint at manager Tian, supervisor is among them of a , she is at most also scolded by manager Tian of, is also grow up quickest.Supervisor is take care of a luxurious compartment, the soup supervisor takes care of 2 areas and 3 areas.Who is the supervisor of six area compartments ?I have already not recorded to get up now.The left supervisor also gave me the mind to once exchange sugar.He at pay attention to me am me really don't know.Chang Feng, the left supervisor wants to promote you to the position of headwaiter in half year.It is small brave to quietly say.I can feel to get.The left supervisor also gives the bridge for rising love of my mind.The left supervisor once scolds me as well, he scolded me to also hope that I grow up.

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