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The summer of the Mu dies into, cicada Ni but, covering with the deep winter of one square Shuo snow will be to the material life.The month is shallow sky of tiny cool, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote orangesuddenly look back, autumn already at mild in go into an end.Didn't turn one silk smoke and dust, didn't as well stir up the feeling of that solid knot.The thing is a person not, in a flash Fang China, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote orangealways feel not essential while existing a life time, but within sight that silk tail vestige after passing away, and then have helpless disappointed several centses.Turning the at heart has been thin if light breeze of griefThe wish is used this engraving namely will dried up of painting, forbid the thoughts and feelings scattering in this Chinese foot autumn to draw in, don't wish to think, don't wish to recall~to the min, the footprint that is followed distresses to ten what those scattered

The boy and girls were in love to maintain for 206 days, finally the girl puts forward to break up, reason:Be different from with that boy together is falling in love.Although the boy is very sad, sometimes once thought a suicide,wanted to be too sorry parents like thisWanted to leave this place, but didn't leave because of various reason.So finally boy every day at painful mid-degree lead, at lend wine to dissipate grief mid-degree lead, at tore heart crack lung Be mid-degree to lead.He didn't tell the girl his current circumstance, don't want to make that girl self-reproach guilty.So the silent acceptance wears all of painful

Anne Ling in 《the Zhen 嬛 spreads 》 permits, she has a mother who once did to embroider Niang, so embroidery achievement the bottom is very consummate.Listen to she say, the mother leaned against embroidery to donate an officer for father, Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote orangeafterwards the father married Yi Niang again, treated coldly a mother and saw the mother making dress for the kid of Yi Niang embroidering stomacher, .Since the childhood, she could realize mother as chemisette that was touching and helpless.How of the love make the woman able to let go of dignity wait on one man with her person, and willing embroider clothes for their kid?I am terrible, the depth and Qi bitterness of this love.

Because this social arrangement, oneself has to walk the road of education of finishing more than 10 years, so probably know of as person is coming from all directions, really being starting oneself arranging destiny, the but again cans not find similar to oneself be arranged of friends, spend fine and quiet night& hellip together under the schoolmate and together;

59, the Buddha say:For the sake of praise but practice moral teachings, like be trampled of fragrant flower the United States grass.

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