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See that distressed face, that obscure skin color, yes, ‘The years urges a person old’, I have no speech with to, only hope that piece of want a floating about autumn leaf, silently bury her decrepitude.

Snow continues to snow, my milli- without aim or purpose at cover with to dance in the wind of in snow, appreciate the attractive woman of nature, the thoughts and feelings is ten thousand 1000 …s …

The professional enters deck hole on the way and discovers a line of powders wall Dai tile house, is lived to halfway up a hill in, three noodles green mountains encircle, the in front is a built-up terraced fields.House, green mountain, Cui bamboo, green tree, terraced fields, one is natural to live in the mountains a somebody else of water mountain appearance.Hence, everyone gets off a station aloft and Be taking photo and appreciating out of this world Taoyuan scene.Although, leaving inhabitant's more than 100 riceses is far, still keep disturbing the host's watchdog, spread Wang Wang to far call, scold a voice to the dog's drinking with host.Verdant vegetables Qi in the distance inside, there are 12 Shis lane the figure of the vegetable, indifferent, leisurely, quiet Mi, pleasing, the Chong overflows among them.This lets"have no less proper vulgar rhyme, sex originally loves Qiu mountain" people, the Tu envied of feeling.Once teacher says, this place and mao old Shao mountain blunt likeness in house, is one geomancy treasure ground, if door before is opening up a pond, more rich poetry.

Some persons ask and since love so precious, so make people love pity, why so many people don't know to cherish, don't know how to go to and love and all just know to cherish after losing, understanding her existence is how precious, there is her place is a weekend every day, have there is every day sunlight in her place, there is her place, can make a wish every day, even if that wishes is very far away, but the heart that leaves each other is so near, have all of her places are spring.

In summer blazing sun, where all the heat wave is billowing, is hard to bear with, but as for older generation that can not also obstruct to work hard at chores, my father once said:Is busy to become accustomed to, stop not to come down.Stand by the side of the not far boulevard, scan widely to hope to go, is one slice blue and green ocean sort, once the breeze blow, the paddy field ripples the wave of the Yu Yu spring onion spring onion, at that farmland in, always have Diao in a mouth the uncle of grass smoke, very strong be in the sun empty under, wear straw hat to pull out a blade of grass here, there trample even one footprint, dark face Tang, rough of skin, in great disorder hair, deliver the beard of yellow tooth, crone, clothes broken-down wrinkly Ba expects of clothes, bottom of trouser-leg up the bottom of trouser-leg being stained with full mire water and curling up is one Gao Yi Di, whenever pass by there always the consciousness don't grind to a stop in a short while and feel natural breathing, is what drew on us thus"can not let go", is that it can bring us warm smiling face, the uncles see all be towarding me to smile.

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