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From now on, I start hoping earnestly his arrival every day, at come and go of look for his figure in pilgrim, but led for a long time for a long time he have no again.The Buddha looking at my absence of mind, the Ci smiles ground to say to me:Everything is respectively vain, like dreamlike vanish like bubbles.

The broad bean easily grows and easily living, don't contend for ground, don't contend for water, don't contend for fatty.The seed covers up in the earth, soon takes root germination and breaks ground but, Michael Kors Medium Selma Messenger Blackthe young sprout exposes under the silent growth in sunlight rain.Don't know when, the broad bean flower blossomed, the white blossom in the center had a purple spot, very good-looking.Again don't know when, the bean pod of Cu Cu, the jade falls to similar the caulis of four shuttle forms press drunkard, shake head to sway a brain in the breeze.

When 85 years my house does an old house, the dad pulls a tree with the cow, Michael Kors Medium Selma Messenger Blackvery full cartful tree, on the high ascent of 8 brigades cow how also pull not to come up, Michael Kors Medium Selma Messenger Blackthe sky rains to have rain again, we push in the behind, cow fore the noodles pulls, the car always can not move, dad's one whip one flicking of whip toward the cow, the cow plop finally kneels all of a sudden on the ground and no matter how it is, beat all don't get up.I cry to say with elder brother:Dad, the cow has already had no energy, let it takes a rest meeting son.Dad can not, have to go to other people's house to ask for help, lend the other people's cow to come over, two cows just pull over a car together.Affair already past quick 30 years, think of my in the mind to still have sorry and ashamed feeling, the old cow of I am sorry my house.

Want to love quietly the fish that you have no voice to be like nautical mile lonesome breath sees light light in the profound dream of that is that you are distracted. Train come of time you is where I like that the orotund miserable district of its steam whistle wears to cry a chamber to is like the young girl that cans not find a mother but I naturally think of you in this steam-whistle. Will you can't also occasionally think of me occasionally see the time toward the sky will can't think of to once have individual the sky for lightly telling you today is very blue to be like a piece of transparent glass transparent must be like the lover's tears thus soft United States. Walk down the street don't aware of self song that start to hum your once humed to take aim to see the color nothing important that you like motive and calculations to purely think of you to be used to just habitually arrive even if so have never seen for several years you still remember your all facial expressionses to habitually think that someone accompanies till sad sad every time brain in flash across you habitually arrive when the friend asks me to have a favorite person forever say have no then turn over you then very at quiet accept in the cellular phone probably can't meet the person whom you make me love so like this any further but don't relate to because of that felling the time in my in the mind solitude can't fear quilt dark package drive lonesome gobble up. Cross limitless forest to arrive one lake, I like thus the quite place Mao is purple flaming red to open blooming flowers lake of level such as noodles in the mirror lake up is your reflection on water lake is my heart. Want to love quietly you have no voice you don't need to know to be like that is loved deeply by the sky of flow cloud. -2014.12.6 in spend cityThink, drown thus

"A old man about 60 years old is pregnant a 14-year-old girl lane and had already had more than 6 months the Yun age, he makes her eat to abortion a medicine, that girl gets to toilet a kid still inside, lie big in room in the living of school bleed almost have no life.A girl discovers to tell a school, a few teachers are stunned to get feet to beat the Zhan sends to her immediately hospital, the old headman is grasped into a big prison now ……"

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