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Good night light drizzle, beauty to the mirror, we once loved and once cried as well, the but again loneliness set out, it is lonesome to mutually depend on to originally love deep place, and the month of day list is pure, reduced whose facial appearance, lost whose to wait for.

I come out rose Di.Already the sky of outside heavy snow falls thick and fasts.The snowflake lightly falls on the ground to slowly melt and slowly become steam to rise a God empty.Today's night lets another world that I realize city.My becoming oneself parable is a solitude, lonesome heart.It on dead hour in shout and search a mind empty, lonesome place.What to search is a bar, Di, health care center.Here I just can need not reserve, need not false of mask to face them.I can will complete true of I offer to them.They are similarly standing alone, lonesome.Their world needs someone understands and is concerned with ?, I am probably too pure, amiability like this.I am a person like this.I can chat to say ground with them, no one controls——The taste like this seems to be honey, it brings me sweet, warmth.No matter when and where feel it, embrace each other it.It imitates a Buddha to just make love with her.The felling that arrives a high tide from the low tide.This felling is like to get an electric shock one Shan but lead.When I want to again own it, it but passage.But it gives my understand to the oneself, to the passion of sport.I like to exercise that 1 kind after relaxs.Feel the rapid fluxion of heart palpitates and blood.I feel body and mind ever in can not feel.A solitude, Michael Kors Medium Selma Messenger Silverlonesome heart at musical of lightly dance in the ocean.The dance moves the youth and happiness for losing.I feel at this time——In addition to music outside, everythings in the world are all static immovable.I like 1 kind like this feel, it can make me forget the ruthlessness competition in the reality.Between person and others of beguilement, can forget to perplex in the person and affair in the mind.I like music, it can give me the inspiration of creations.

Someone loves wine, someone loves tea and from time immemorial would is thus.The alcohol is rather dissipated sorrow with solution sorrow more, Michael Kors Medium Selma Messenger Silversample tea's flavor to beg more heart.The peaceful times is pure muddy, all is tea such as a pot of wine, only after article leads just know its 100 flavors.The season is different, the weather is different, the circumstances is different, and the flavor natures in it is also each to have importance.Such as if sample tea's flavor general such as the drinking, flow through a heart but dull, that why not if drink one cup water, can even know it is pure muddy, cold warm proper heart.

We always in winter in think the vest and ice-cream in summer, think of snow of Ai Ai in the hot sun bottom in summer.But time the head quarter push we go forward, an one-step footprint, record the process of growth, let we the academic association is used the taste forgiving to treat a world of incomplete, well cherish at that moment, hold Zuan in warmth in the center of palm, stop keeping be ever read to those or lost.

On the plank car of she was originally secretly also swallowing spittle, suddenly the son hears his ask words, Leng Leng, shake head:Don't eat, don't want to eat.She the cloth of En En wrap inside that several sweet potatos for cooking:Does this have sweet potato, if I Be getting more hungry, will eat sweet potato.She clear, his Dou inside even a ground Cape son all have no, which come to money to buy twisted dough-strips.

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