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The primary school is grade five I start outside going to school and lived at school to compare at home freely many, sometimes stealthily take out a hair money to change a hot to eat in very far store, at that time very vogue this, also ate very happily.After primary school graduates, my purse has already had more than 100 dollars, in that age this is also a not small number, because of at that time we a week of living expenses 10 dollars is zero 5 hairs, if there was year, celebrated the New Year, I prepared take out these money to the parents use, but they refused.

This sentence is that she leaves behind me mood mess, write inside the celebrity write a letter, I greatly talk ideal, they return to my words.

49, Michael Kors Medium Sophie Messenger CEDARknow I is who, flower and fruit mountain 13 protect too much, know, I am an eldest brother, think I took two watermelon knives in those early years, had been chopping down till Peng Lai from the south door in the sky east road, back and forth chopped down for three days and three nights, was a blood into river, can I am a hand to fall a hand to fall a hand since the knife since the knife to fall since the knife, an eyes have never blinked.That Mo doesn't blink eyes for a long time, eyes will can't do I say me brutally, you ask my eyes to don't dry.

Here don't dye snow, the cool breeze blows several times and blows the green lotus of wrinkly cuff of sleeve.Be not taken to mutually, such as such as motionless, Be cantillated by text how many, thin memory of eyebrow eye, thus reunion, can be still comfortable?See the wild rattan climb a full window sill, is the passing years that dyed tears, pay to leave again bright, Michael Kors Medium Sophie Messenger CEDARunscrupulously also brief, is that I am difficult to release a bosom......

The flowing water of the horizon concussed into apathetic atrium and originally thought that this time distant journey then can't come back again.Is silent medium also make a firm decision, malicious jilted to account tears to definitely throw everything away, ignore other.

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