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"The strong breeze falls to the utmost scarlet, the greenery becomes a Yin son full."And that bitter etc. have no fruit and fall a Mo regretful man, at process all the way of pry behind, also is eventually to know, he always flicks the beauty that it doesn't go in that heart and has already married to do others Fu, is already two kids mother at present!In spring head, she like this and decidedly turns round, the Tu stays the ground shadow of a ground of passing years.That floating about flower petal, Michael Kors Miranda Novelty Tote CHAMBRAYjust as that brief but frivolous of dream, fall at will painful mind.He originally thinks here will be a permanent home town, originally is also only an Inn with cool Cang in the life and temporarily stayed to reside to drift on water of soul.Result like this actually is who result in?Is him?Is a beauty?Or that burning cool life time Tai?He shook to shake head, the body also followed to stumble for a while and seemed a bit got drunk.That's right, he is got drunk, inebriate in the fine dream, inebriate in the icy cold reality, inebriate helplessly but the Cang is cool, the solitude as well breaks bowel.

While seeing author Li Nu "is a bowl of don't have the hot pepper of stir-fry green vegetables" of the old demon, my emotion variety is very big.Feel that that really is a very helpless piece affair while divorcing from the girl sub- parents of beginning;Arrive when girl's sub- father suddenly die the raid of felling sorrow, the female kid thinks the matter that does for the father and all haven't come yet and do, leaving of father, mother still definitely cut off;Again arrive behind the female kid look after grandmother alone of pain and still have persistence hard, let me move, Michael Kors Miranda Novelty Tote CHAMBRAYbut equally will also feel to is very sad, why girl sub- mother meeting this such of inhospitality, even is cold blood;Till the last of time, because is a bowl of there is no hot pepper stir-frying green vegetables, because hear the contents that the mother make a phone call to say, I suddenly unbearable tears such as rain next.Read a text innumerable, this story isreally very the story of same old things, but be written out with the different felling by the author.This story's really being very familiar type of story, but writing very in the author style of writing is to move public.

The bank of clouds on the sky gradually becomes thick, originally is a light sunlight be hidden by the dark cloud of strict actually solid.At this time, the north wind starts to blow ground of one remnants leaf, destroy a leaf to dance in the wind in the breeze, the different meeting floats a lotus farmland sky, later on again concealed go into an airtightly cripple lotus.Suddenly, Michael Kors Miranda Novelty Tote CHAMBRAYI hear a clear and crisp bird blare, an elf of jade-green color flies into water by the quickest speed, in a short while she and then start to jump from the surface, stop at withered Huang's lotus Peng on, Michael Kors Miranda Novelty Tote CHAMBRAYwhite snow of the lotus Peng hasn't turned, this small kingfisher stops Yi at the top big piece.This withered Huang's lotus Peng unexpectedly also became the temporary dwelling place of small kingfisher and ate the kingfisher of finishing the fingerling quietly the station is on the lotus Peng, slanting cerebellum bag an on every occasion stare at a surface.Is really too beautiful!Unfortunately the camera in the my hand enough not last she, otherwise definitely clap her down.

The pen falls to have no phrase, the heart neither reads, empty of, quiet of, painful.If shed tears, all don't know why, if knit the brows, whether still have

See true two wordses' seeming to see life is jumping about, sees the self-confidence being flying, seeing arrive the frustrate and bias once met in looking for true road.I still find out true——What is it actually?No one tells me true is what?Also no one tells me true look for is very difficult.True be true mind, true of ego.I was originally a hedgehog, I got into a blue hotel and looked for true I pulled out the sting on the body, the hedgehog had never stabbed it to use what protect oneself, only wait for a catching of find killing.Probably I was originally a find, not a very fatty find.I don't know is what move me?Once there was felling liked this in the blue hotel, at present so of feel to is a mightiness like this.In the real life of our everybody, we aren't likely to don't knot to make friend.The friend is like a light to illuminate advanced road for you, the friend is like poem and needs to diligently work properly to read.The friend is like my eyes more, I can not lose them.Our friend of all very busy side, the friend is very important, many a much a roads to friend.These are also that I arrive in the blue hotel Wu.Along with time that I do a part-time job in the outside more long, more can feel the friend's importance.But my bosom friend they all reach in the color, I can bless for friend at the afar, because my parents retires to return to original domicile, I also the home town that can return to parents with the parents.I have to distinguish with my bosom friend.At that day of respective they all come to send me and see the tears in the their eyes, I don't know to use how of the way speak heart to mean to say the words of very much to them.Imitate statue of Buddha kite to break line, be like to be fond of Mang's person's son in the life road, don't know the direction where of life.Friend, respectively not remaining flavor's wearing me don't meet with you of that day of, meet in the me and you of that day of is a successful my business the day.

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