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Fell in love with to drink tea when.Pure Ji of, hurtle one cup weak tea for oneself, hold a book, allow the time once rowed from the , the tea joss-stick curled up, Michael Kors Miranda Voyager Tote SUNTANthe years calms down like.All bothersome trifleses, imitate the Buddha is all abandonned at the moment, leaves a drive light and free and Chan idea slowly smooth wet heart.Speak of to take tea, Michael Kors Miranda Voyager Tote SUNTANwill bring up six feathers, and his 《tea through 》 .The Tang Dynasty takes tea of the breeze is as widely accepted as Buddhism, naturally, 《tea through 》 and tea, also and Chan Buddha the knot descended to don't understand of good luck.Six feather early yearses with famous tea monk Jiao however acquaintanceship, 2 people become friendship between old and young people.Is each in night the deep month is clear of, Michael Kors Miranda Voyager Tote SUNTANmutually Be sat to Lin Jian, three Wu tea way and Buddha nature, Michael Kors Miranda Voyager Tote SUNTANvarious a life time flavors of body flavor world of mortals.The pleasant breeze once kisses bamboo grove, moonlight bottom the bamboo copy with the breeze swing, the companion wears the candlelight of You You in the distance monastery, superficial and disturbingly noisy, all Be returned to equanimity between cloud water Chan heart, merit and fame a life time benefit, all is vanish quickly.

61& rdquo;We don't need endorsement to wrap school that day;61& rdquo;We are without restraint carefree that day.Peacetime one face is serious of the teachers is to smile an idea full of life.The whole school, should say whole gather all of towns are ones merriment of ocean.

Walk into Gusu every time, I have a kind of felling for keeping form but change substance.Each an alley in the city, each river flows, good all deeply wear spiritual influence!I like the Gu Su's romantic feeling, this romantic feeling good nest heart, seduce so much!

Allow time if dust carry to remember fondly light dance Man Yang.A break water to leave Yuan of long blare, song one song magpies dance Chiang-Nan of serene.Those state of minds banishment for banding together

Hour, I am also hoping to lead61& rdquo;.Go to school at that time the school fees didn't be expensive now, peacetime also the nothing important hand over indiscriminately of miscellaneous fee.But the school authority want than the school in nowadays generously many.

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