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Hope blue sky take a wide view China for 5,000 years, the several people good reputation world spreads.The people of this world disappears like cloud and mist, thoroughly disappear no longer now.Hence at a life time should many BE, for the country be square for people for great.Just think ten thousand years for thousand years after, the leisure time is happy great.

How many persons mus you of, not far ten thousand inside to admire and respect you, how many persons sigh you of strange, don't hesitate to use to pursue your United States from cradle to the grave, and then have how many persons, at you today scene four overflow of, Michael Kors Sloan PythonPrint Crossbody Sandhave they already been died to your you, use their souls and defend you?

At present, is already big three.And my nest consider on the bed, for so-calledly testing to grind, Michael Kors Sloan PythonPrint Crossbody Sandalso for making up the mistake in those early years, more for confusing oneself with ease own sorry and ashamed, also had more than a yearses and then graduated, I don't think to be unwilling also to face to graduate an unemployed choice.The life road select chooses and ties down too many, so-called mentor also Tung in Ping-ho, for even I could not say what feel, but remember that we are brothers feet Yi!

"Luckily the wife isn't a public official" this sentence not only told embarrassed the center convening recently deepens to reform to lead group the seventh-time meeting completely and deliberates 《concerning county following organization establishment public official's job and job class proceed together system of opinion 》 .(December 5 《evening newspaper in Peking 》 )30 how old, minor course Class, the according to reason sea Dian area some unit public official, Liu Tao , have already been more opposite than other public officials to say to have already calculated to"mix" Be getting more quite good.Face to only there are 4700 diverse tickets.Open seven Chinese foot mens are a "luckily the wife isn't a public official, earn more than I."Telling isn't only only a men of embarrassed and heart of depressed.Explain more to carry on reform to public official's salary is really power be necessarily going.Open a fun words otherwise, also have more in the unit scene, go home and then become the male public official of "rake ear" to appear.Probably net friend will say, you dislike wages little, you can resign not and why.But can the resignation really work out a substantial problem?Obviously not ability.Can not deny, for long time, because of the public official of great majority don't rise a job can not day labor property.And from the clerk, section staff, minor course and major course ……more and upwards competed more big, the post is also very good, Michael Kors Sloan PythonPrint Crossbody Sandformely majority of public officials all canned is halted to a minor course, major course post, be promoted passage to work after being stopped up completely a work didn't lift a hand to, the attitude inhospitality had occurrence while waiting, change this kind of present condition, to this troops carry on reform power is necessarily going.How to change?Job and job class putting forward in 《opinion 》's proceeding together is good method.Only truely let great majority the public official can feel that the he or she job class in time didn't rise up, but the wages treatment can raise as usual, that doing will definitely have power.But also want to prevent°from appearing "cauldron rice" phenomenon in the reform.Not ability consideration work time limit, more join is some to make the public able to directly participate in of investigate, examination method.Both combine together, possibly overall, fair reflect the true work circumstance of a public official.Since is to public of be responsible for also is to the public official's respect."Luckily the wife isn't a public official".Rejoicing is helpless more, along with reform of thorough, along with the approbation of common people to public official this group body, hope that this"luckily the wife isn't a public official" can change into "my husband is a public official".The words that look like one simple, but want to carry out this change, estimate that the road is still very endless.The writer believes that along with public official salary reform and public official troops reform of thorough push forward, the change like this will be definitely what happens without extra effort.(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713695/Is "hot"90 start a business behind why does the small fall into the disaster of jail

, These aren't the morning that a 100 birds do blare;This is a big Mo Japanese Yen, have no smoke cloudless evening.This is a how also can not remember clearly, but really exist falsely quiet.It is open spaces to imitate at this time a Buddha, specialized is I but establish.I am stained with to make a painting, Michael Kors Sloan PythonPrint Crossbody Sandat random doodle.Desire as one pleases:The Qian that is your beauty copies;All flaw in writings, is also a good your Jiao your looks.Need not with meticulous care painting paper of reaching the quality, only this Man is suffused with for the light and free heart valve.This is a Zhong autumn, an in the daytime and of night, time is also of the life of concretion ofCheck;A living creature& ldquo;Field& rdquo;.

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