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Only good book and lovely view can not be ungrateful to, have been believing this.Again drive book evil Zheng, is already go to work later business of quite a few year.The Yao records previous time and seem still ascend big one previous that endless summer vacation.At that time, Michael Kors Small Bedford Tassle Pebbled Messenger Bag Whiteold daddy's the only gift& mdash that once sent me;—A set of Chinese classic ten name Zhaoses are superficial to took a look, also the bookstall Tao come of 《week country even complete works 》 saw several times.

Eat rice, our elder brother Sa shoulder to shoulder walks toward ten word streets to, is just mostly already a huge crowd at 8:00 at this time.New China bookstore outside has already rounded full sell mutually of person, shuttle in the crowds of ten word streets can see them, often still read Dao in some big aunt Shu's mouths what, need not guess to all know to will say what, specify to say those to don't seem to be good on seeing a person, be like a rascal!Certainly we also naturally became other people"rascal" within, although I in mind the dead live to deny, be feel that we are different from small bludger of street similar, have with them the hypostatic differentiation lies in we seem justice of a parties.Can the years behind inside, we equally do the street rascal once did of affair, , , , , Michael Kors Small Bedford Tassle Pebbled Messenger Bag White, ,

The cope of night condescends to come, the thoughts and feelings returns to the years ever, and then returns to Peking ever the work struggled of place& mdash;—Blue hotel.The hand uneasy cent turns over to open the diary that once wrote down in the blue hotel and the Buddha mountain.Why do I want to turn over to open the diary ever?Probably is that I really love a dining this profession, love Buddha mountain, this city.The love is more deep to harm more deep.The diary that sees arrive to once write down now imitates a Buddha to see their figures, see their smiles and see the years that struggles together with them.See self-confidence and optimism that their intense emotion fly.They once gave me care and once gave me happy, they gave my mind bridge for early starting to build love.My disease returns to a store after so much inside, Michael Kors Small Bedford Tassle Pebbled Messenger Bag Whitethey all concern of ask me, let I of the mind is once in a very long while touched.I don't know actually is what let them to me so?Being my is assiduous, ask so much, diligence, above at 3:00 all should be.Chang Feng, has your disease been already ordered so much?Zhang Jie asks me.My disease has been very a lot of, just the head has some a pain.I am tiny to say with smile.This is me to milk that you buy, Michael Kors Small Bedford Tassle Pebbled Messenger Bag Whitethoroughly repair body.What Zhang Jie concerned says.The writing needs to be known, needs living experience and training and needs to search eyes of mind deep place.When this eyes open, so as to understand the true meaning of writing.While writing in the night to accompany me, it is like bewitchingly beautiful blossom and sends forth charming flavor.Being like while accompanying me in the daytime is pure of admire to reach clean and pure and beautiful.The understanding that writes to imitate a Buddha to give at a time a mind each time is all different.Once having too many stories didn't write into.It is completely different for my feeling Wu while writing into now.When I walk capital city of under the cope of night, I can feel it gives imagination of space, write of inspiration.I don't have too many writing time at this time, there is no the place to can make me have peace of mind a writing.When I come out a capital city and return to a mountain city Qi river of Chongqing.I can find out a place that can make me have peace of mind a writing, can make me calm down and introspect the road that once all walked well and also had on the road glorious of time, there is also the time to decline .Brilliancy with decline at fillip a flick, like this disappear in my life.Decline and the brilliancy give me more common mindset.Knowing life to want more is willing to give up and gives up, sometimes giving up will let to change a lot and also make you know a lot.

Companion write good, which afraid you are my treasure, I am your grass.Don't say until is old, only wish can't walk off.Be all always like the sun to report on time, was like moon to lack half side the face can't escape, either.Be like flower efflorescence to fall, obscure good, be like comfortable cloud exhibition of cloud blow for the breeze of that adjusts.The companion wears good, even if being all pure scar of daubery, still is painting book inside's most beautiful history sketch.Be like one tail fish in the lotus pond to kiss water grass, don't need to chase a heart set prison, was like pen and Mo to match to write armchair strategist sky of wasteland old.The companion writes good, really fear a person all is under the zero degree in the dream of fall down.

Is serious, I am to feel that this is the most happy, because can also go to bed, pain and sufferings can not go to bed, is what I can not feel.Even if in the farm, the stone spends under, even if among the busy streets, a long Deng can also sleep soundly, even sidewalk up, a few newspaper, thwart a lie can also go into sleep.At that moment is a clean soil, the heart is quiet to is the most happy, where look for a Buddha to ask a way?Not equal to fairy a feel.

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