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Pass meGet to the root of the matterInquire yes under, Michael Kors Small Fulton Metallic Messenger Silverfinally know:Dance originally isn't can girl's practice, boy completely can, pass built-up selection, elect as to your these boys, you are really with talent, don't be ungrateful to us, be ungrateful to old sky of to your natural endowments!I suddenly think of the father's big hand and words:Explain the teacher feels we are with talentWords and the father's hand of the teacher's words, father made me more courageous to face to dance.Feel a regiment in the heart is burning

The aunt leads a birthday and asked us to drink in the past.Is in state of drunken ecstasy of, aunt again loquacious have the cousin's wedding, say a cousin of 30 quite a fews still don't seek object, the in the mind is just thinking what?The aunt says will the cousin be we are these Tais, say to get future daughter-in-law to come in before the stanza in the great occasion of nation, otherwise sweep floor cousin to go out. Aunt of a burst of scold to make the cousin is embarrassed in many kin friend's in fronts and a bit difficult is feeling, then the one mouthful promises to promise completion to take a wife a task. Because the cousin's social intercourse turn son is too narrow and small, anxious of he is a marriage to lie register.The marriage lies pour is very passionate, today arrangement miss piece, tomorrow see miss around, and is busy in seeking miss Lee to meet with him the day after tomorrow.Certainly, every time meets a fee, it are cousins to pay a bill to also have all of the expenseses to have a meal, drink tea. At first, the cousin has some to love money, we advise his this money to save, the marriage important event after all isn't a child's play, Michael Kors Small Fulton Metallic Messenger Silverdon't take a look a person again how downwards develop?More than 3 months of in a flashes passed by, the cousin successively saw about 20 misses, but somebody else not is see not and up a cousin be say again consideration consideration. 51 front, the cousin gets the good news spread for lying marriage-once meet of there are 3 in the miss mean to want that doing with him is further to understand, this lets cousin again had a hope. The first miss settles appointment location in a teahouse that runs a time, Michael Kors Small Fulton Metallic Messenger Silvershe wanted coffee, happy fruit and dried melon seeds, 2 people talked very to is a speculation, and the fascination very high miss still ordered to sing a few songs.Close book the cousin love almost faint-1000 diverse! Meet for the second time, the miss makes the cousin accompany her to buy lipstick, and then says the market buy clothes, the cousin bears temperament to accompany, and the end was still strong to pack smiling face to pay a bill.Next day, the marriage lies but Shao come to words to say, the miss dislikes cousin"too stingy"s, not wish again see. The second miss dresses beautifully dressed, make the cousin send her to return to rental house after the bar meets.All the way, the cousin sees her cellular phone keep ringing and also smoke, lend "buy fruits" to in a hurry slip away. Is the third pure delicately lived cousin fan at the miss, date each time, she picked him up to the station and also robbed to buy a movie ticket.After getting along with a period of time, put forward to think to at the miss cousin's home sees, the cousin listens to behind that happy strength the son don'ted lift. Come to a that day at the miss, the aunt pulls the hand of miss, left see, right lo lo, pleased must match a Long mouth not, hurriedly a pocket that was deep red pack of to fill into her.Although charter car a fee, come a fee and meet gift and rice money to spend 5000 diverse, everyone sinks to immerse in the joy, who don't also dispute. After a week, my twisting a head is through a hotel that usually goes seen to the miss follow-some people come in.I find out familiar know of owner, ask and then say not and very directly:"Is true today noisy!"The owner small voice says:"Is all some frequent callers, 'marriage liar'play blind date."The owner suddenly feels to divulge secret unintentionally and hurriedly say:"Good brothers never tell others!" I take out a cellular phone, the but again hesitated, don't know how to tell to sink to immerse at happy in of cousin ……The cousin's wedding

Its magic power actually where?Why will let I thus of infatuate?Is its melody stillI didn't find out answer now.When the color reaches I drive music like this draws on.When I hear music like this in the skating rink, imitating the Buddha can feel it is have vitality——Isn't very strong, light of be like a lip gloss.It is thus of be full of intense emotion, be like a warrior with prosperous energy.When I am in the rose Di listen to music rhythm like this, it imitates a Buddha to really feel that it is to have vitality, its imitating a Buddha is calling me and call me to walk into its world.The world that walks into it just knows it of magic power, just know that it will become the best friend with me, when does it walk into my life?Let my life because it but many a colors, be like a rainbow similar beauty, be like a rose similar colorful brilliant.This color is thus colorful moving.At the beginning could not feeling its existence when the color reaches is vital, I haven't truely known it and fallen in love with it at that time.

Certainly all these, Michael Kors Small Fulton Metallic Messenger Silveras long as be your not intentional of, all no longer so hard choice, you can easily and at will do a choice.Because you basically need not consider result, also need not weigh the gains and losses, the demand is then according to situation as one pleases degage.Really, this type of walk Ma Guan's flower type of the tour in no case will make the visitor pay excessive feelings.

Rushed and swerved about madly in the house in childhood, directly bumped to dead against drive from the on the side of elder sister shoulder up, the in a flash was a burst of sky of to faint a ground of dark felling to appear, all of double eyes were starses flicker, mercilessly a bottom sits on the ground, the good half rang and right away bumped silly..The elder sister's shoulder is swollen for this for a long time...

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