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I in the middle of really loving to move mind write into a supervisor frequently.She is like similar care to elder sister elder sister and concerns us.When she leaves a blue hotel, Michael Kors Small Fulton Saffiano Messenger SAPPHIREwe all flow the tear falls water& mdash;—At that time true tears.We all give frequently the elder sister's mind rise a bridge of love.We love deeply her, she also gives the bridge for rising love of our minds.Frequently the supervisor gives our love a lot of, but the that time can not feel and realize.At present in the protrait love move mind just truely realize her give our love.When while I am writing to arrive frequently a supervisor to leave a blue hotel, I also write into scene for manager Tian to leave blue hotel.He is the model that every employee of us studies.What we see is intelligence, a courage on him and resolute.He is a man of flavor who has much of a man, a lot of women all like him this type of.He is also the teacher in my dining profession, is that he makes me know a dining, this profession.After he walk our world seems to be for a while to become dark.We at dark of search in the world bright.Nearby have several assistants who get dint at manager Tian, supervisor is among them of a , she is at most also scolded by manager Tian of, is also grow up quickest.Supervisor is take care of a luxurious compartment, the soup supervisor takes care of 2 areas and 3 areas.Who is the supervisor of six area compartments ?I have already not recorded to get up now.The left supervisor also gave me the mind to once exchange sugar.He at pay attention to me am me really don't know.Chang Feng, the left supervisor wants to promote you to the position of headwaiter in half year.It is small brave to quietly say.I can feel to get.The left supervisor also gives the bridge for rising love of my mind.The left supervisor once scolds me as well, he scolded me to also hope that I grow up.

I secretly slipped away into his official residence in the evening and changed to return him with own blood cuckoldry life.The Buddha knew that felt pity on me, my the memory being a white fox blured out and became my body a green lotus before the Buddha and let me turned 100001000 livesed with his Du, but I still can not escape a predestination, Michael Kors Small Fulton Saffiano Messenger SAPPHIREin this a life time, still feel attracted to him.

Every time, I always like to sit moonlight in the city inside, the title looks up at the sky to flicker of heavy star, it is so of beauty ask for a person to love, this kind of temptation that can not resist, here for an instant I of the heart be inebriated by the starlight but fan, I leisurely lie warm at it of embrace in, can be cut into pieces by it the whole everythings, at least this second is to belong to me of happy happiness.Silently and quitely at the mid-night, is that you spark my in the mind which humblely think of, I really want to touch your heart at the moment, but again frightened oneself be again loved injury, be I strip from that heartless have no the car wheel of righteousness time, but have already seen not pure remote future, your warmth for giving condenses into a fetter at present, dead dead of seal my soul exist the outline ever inside.

Brocade, plain get desolate;Plum, gorgeous must stab an eye.An a cold, wear the idea of daughter's house deeply, melt into this glorious Pa up.

Parents' parents grow our four younger brother Jies, I am minimum.Remember when I study in primary school, father is housebound to early die, obstinate mother, with the stubborn will, one individual is very to difficultly bring up our four younger brother Jies growth, for the sake of this, the mother paid all of her strenuous effort and energies.Because father early dies, it causes our families lose a crest beam, the mother is similar to us to painfully sad desire extremely, over- sad, Michael Kors Small Fulton Saffiano Messenger SAPPHIREmake she with together the age person compare, the decrepitude must be like the eggplant that frost beats.At that time, many kin friends all advise her to remarry, can she for the sake of not make us be subjected to injury, prefer to oneself to suffer hardship, also not make us encounter offense.

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