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The person on the Chuang never calls my name, all call I am to be lame blind person house.Father and mother a hear someone call like this me necessarily will be as for dear life as that person.The Niang can't sees and then will take a brick piece to hit indiscriminately and still scold on the mouth:You these kill thousand knives of, we are lame blind, my child thoroughly, forbid you to yell like this.In the future you one all not equal to my child.That the middle of the year tests the best, be lame the good news of whole countieses in the testing of blind person house let father and mother scene really 1.Substituted in our house on the town all school fees, sent my that dad who goes to school the first-time mountain.The meeting of getting on the car, my tears rushes toward keeping of La La, the dad holds to turn all alone skill to wipe tears for me:Went into the city to be good friends with to learn so much, later seek a work to take a wife in the city.The other people start to ask your father and mother you say that you are an orphan, Michael Kors Small Hamilton Camo CalfHair Messenger camouflagehave no father and mother, otherwise the other people will despise you.Especially marry not and up a daughter-in-law, the somebody else will abandon you.Mistake you take a wife, I have no face to see old Zu.

These in the last yearses once saw the heavy snow of northland, the glowworm of south city was tiny bright, the Yang state smoke rain receives of an alley, pull the sunlight& hellip of the city of Sa Qing;

Rain leads, this shore person future.Step of trudging who wait for for me, dance a Qian the Quan flower blossom, one the dream is a 1000 years.

In fact, while doing not is a beauty to break promise, but be him to arrive to here already mistake the time limit is three years.Probably, the woman of that beautiful docile always has never forgotten him, how much around-the-clock, her worry is difficult to eliminate, tears wet Gu Zhen, only because long for too thick, the cordiality is too deep.Just, she really afraid, fear that her Lao is engraved to the promise of heart only is one to have to not intentionally elaborate, fears she has been hoping earnestly of the love Be just a funny beguilement.

Although the interest country puts out,peach blossom madam that astonishing courage and big righteousness raises,really makes people respect and admire!Go to unexpectedly the interest Wu good luck thing, have mercy on a gold valley to fall to the ground a person.The similarly having both looks and talent strange woman similarly has a constant heart and have a devote Yu not of faithful love, however, she of destiny but is more horrifying, definitely cut off more.She, would be living at within park in the gold valley prostitute& mdash;—Green bead.

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