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Day after day, colleague so Xin, a Chinese family name is hard bitterness the earth shine attend to the wife of disease for two years of Be getting longer, Michael Kors Stanwyck Python Frame Clutch PEANUTnever complained.Wife every bit and small amendments makes his excitement not already, for example, the wife could depend on on the cotton quilt and could sit in a short while by himself[herself], the wife can chew to have a meal by himself/herself, the wife will hurtle she is getting more silly smile ……the colleague's description make us touching and let us involuntarily shed tears and let us from the heartly send out to praise highly:This is the real man!This is the real man who has sense of responsibility!Although her wife is unfortunate,married him,is misery in her life in of unusually lucky!

The quiet water current is deep, Michael Kors Stanwyck Python Frame Clutch PEANUTthe Cang dulcimer steps song;Three living a cloudy or sunny circle to lack, one dynasty joys and sorrows.

The that night empty heavy star gleams of time, when the moon rises, busy day of people all return to in home and quarrel a day of small town to pipe down.Give people a kind of equanimity but again beautiful melody.Under the cope of night of the small town give people a kind of very desolate felling.Have already could not seen busy pedestrian on the avenue, only minority of night owls are visiting.Night owl always the dead hour just go out and always catch a find on dead hour.Probably the find in dead hour makes the night owl move more.The night owl is a probably standing alone traveller, probably is the mendicant that drifts on water everywhere.The dead hour is always quiet, Michael Kors Stanwyck Python Frame Clutch PEANUTseem and seem to be thus of desolate.The cope of night bottom the light become more beautiful and moving and imagine for people more, is a probably prosperous small town then can give people the touch like this, so as to give people the artistic conception like this, so as to give people power that continuously pursues.This small town and this city all probably need to diligently work properly to observe and diligently work properly to realize of and only have just can realize a small town like this beauty and let the place that the public moves.Move——Her vogue, her prosperous, her consumption idea, her food and clothing lives to go all an ability the touch one of your nerve, each cell and every heart palpitates is deeply.

There is individual in the cluster once were foolish 7 years at 100 degrees.He isn't a primary school graduation, and he once attained 100 degrees China east the area trained director general.

The fifth:Use your the amount of sea knowledge conquer customer, don't study is a step backwards, but sell profession is what you refuse to take office what knowledge, conquer customer with the knowledge, my wanting was the high state of the sale.The comprehensive knowledge is strong, Michael Kors Stanwyck Python Frame Clutch PEANUTthe widely read smells more, astronomy geography history politics had better all want to understand, doing not master in has to also have superficial understanding, compare to our a director general Wang of department in the market, with at the time that customer spoke about the head quarter used it to conquer customer the special knowledge point, probably combine need not talked our products.But the customer usually clinched a deal.Also only so easily find out and the topic of customer's sympathy, communicate for more easy contact customer and customers, all of persons is so, has ability or is a strong ability person, customer is also such, insist every day that certain time study, continuously promote comprehensive ability, let the customer take you.Want to attain this to is very difficult, but the difficulty can always overcome and breakthrough of.Our letting in the brush-off in the salesman is familiar wes' be full of remorse, lost to break of Qie machine!

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