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It is 23 years old, write to oneself.Everybody, all have own fantastic.Is 23 years old, I once worked hard and paid to once lead(did most feeling the person's birthday video frequency), firmly stand by and proved hard own excellent.Those result and growth is also the result that I deserve;The dream that didn't carry out, my believing firmly will also become really sooner or later.Is 23 years old, I changed and learned to let willing to give up of and loathe to give up all according to situation.Is 23 years old, life tells me, interpersonal become intimate with or not, in addition to blood relationship, also lie in whether hand over heart.Is 23 years old, I am awake, to owner good, even want to to my good person good.Is 23 years old, I knew, the day was long to not necessarily living feeling, but canned definitely appeared in public heart.Is 23 years old, life tells me, Michael Kors Tonne Hobo Blacklife inside sometimes eventually the beard have, in life have no don't demand!Is 23 years old, life tells me, need not envy other people, oneself will also lead very goodly!

The this facial expression ferocious guy finally talked at this time:"Boy, hears you very marvelous at school?"The derision Leng of full face is press me of a words could not say as well, I admit I really feared at that time and also had no dint to dare to answer criticism what, be the small Hao blushes up to the ears of mean to say what, I knew that he in mind and definitely "salute"ed their ancestor 18.The situation in this now some to us benefits all have no.Here in addition to those more than 40 persons are new-born, none of surplus is the person of school, the great commander of high Kui is to have no 1.Only more than 20 individuals fought down our more than 50 persons, this wanted to spread inside in the school, perhaps will encounter more people's derision and irony.But at this time, we can be seized without putting up a fight and recruit to all have no at 1:00.Original that guy sees me with a revolting feeling and see my fury blunt blunt of the facial expression just wanted to wield fist to beat a quilt nearby of Gao Kui Lan descended.

It is 23 years old, Michael Kors Tonne Hobo Blackwrite to youth.The youth will soon live apart but go to, the green puckery time no longer replies to return and have been already passed away of youth hold in the hand don't live of water or sand, can allow it obscure row to fall from the finger tip blind side.How many, the youth points out river's mountain, arouses a Yang writing and greatly talks dreaming of in the heart.That time of I dare to appeal for higher authorities help and dare to face deeply rooted unjust, need not think result, need not think future, as long as oneself is happy having a clear conscience in the heart good.Turn a head, but the every act and move is many for several cents, Michael Kors Tonne Hobo Blackwell experienceds, several cents to reality of helpless, while working will consider result as well as often think later how of, in the future how.Gradually know, the love is used for conducting;Life is used for growing up;Intelligence is used for flying;Tears, is use strong;The passing years recall~to the mind with the return;It is happy, be used for collecting as treasure.Has, the oneself makes the decision of youth can not regression the young sort is puffed up with pride.I buried youth, the youth made a my rebirth vulgar person.

Stroll in hazy light drizzle, I along the drill ground of school slowly but go.The night view of the winter days is like an old oil painting, many the penny is quite, also many penny bear pondering about of deep.

Or, let leaf's water separate a cup to hope mutually, very short distance or limits of the earth, each far near mutually Anne."Flower from float zero, water from flow", life track respectively follow respectively, die of old age not and mutually friendly intercourse!Thus, the heart of tea-leaf and water in have no regret?And it"1 kind longs for, two carefree sorrow", or"The Ying Ying is a , loving not get language"rather allow its"gold breeze the jade expose a to mutually meet and then win but the human life innumerable".Tea-leaf, if don't is aqueous of pour, in the stomach even if the Fang China time immemorial, also difficult vomit to the utmost lifetime joss-stick;Water, also needing living of tea-leaf color the square can living joss-stick.The chance of life probably as well such, mutually meet, would be heaven's will, it is good luck to don't ask is to rob, fall in love to mutually cherish, Michael Kors Tonne Hobo Blackwith heart warm feeling, feel grateful to meet, with the carriage that leaf's water blends, Wen Run, protect standing alone lonesome life.

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